Parents Overjoyed to Learn They're Having Twins after Multiple Miscarriages


Nikki and Lance Bertola first met when Nikki moved from California to Utah to work as a teacher. Lance was born and raised in Utah, and the couple connected right off the bat.

“From the moment we started dating, we were inseparable!” Nikki wrote in her submission to Love What Matters. “We were married in April 2011 and I got a sweet two-for-one deal since Lance had a delightful son from a prior marriage!”

The two were the epitome of what a married couple should be, but ran into trouble when Nikki got pregnant for the first time. She had a miscarriage, which was one of the first real tests their marriage faced.

“Prior to that time, it hadn’t crossed our minds that we might have difficulty having children or that we might not be able to ever have children,” Nikki wrote. It only got worse when the couple tried again.

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Nikki and Lance continued to struggle to have a baby. They visited multiple specialists, but Nikki kept having miscarriages to the point that they thought they’d never be able to have a child together.

“Pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and seeing families with children were a constant reminder of the unfulfilled hopes and wishes in our life,” Nikki wrote.

“The hardship of infertility takes a toll on you and we worked to try to work through the sadness and add happiness into our lives.”

The couple tried everything from counseling to medication, but nothing seemed to work. With nowhere else to turn, the couple tried one last time through in-vitro fertilization.

When Nikki got the news that she was pregnant on her birthday in December of 2014, she and Lance were excited. Still, they kept their expectations in check, knowing that another miscarriage was possible.

Seven weeks later, on Lance’s birthday, he and Nikki went to the doctor to hear their child’s heartbeat. But they didn’t expect what the doctor told them next.

“As the screen was moved in my direction, I deliberately hid my face, too scared of possibly seeing a passed away baby,” Nikki wrote. Instead, the doctor did not find one heartbeat, but two.

Nikki and Lance were over the moon. Finally, after years of trying and exhausting all of their options, the couple had two babies on the way.

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Nikki went on to have a successful pregnancy and gave birth to two healthy boys, named Landon and Zachary.

“It has been a crazy ride raising them so far, but it also has been crazy fun and joyful,” Nikki reflected. And a few years later, the couple had yet another surprise on the way!

“Our family is also really grateful that we have been able to add another child to our family. Our youngest, Reece, just turned five months!”

What an uplifting story of blessings and perseverance. Congratulations to the growing family!

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