Passerby Throws Bricks Through Windows to Save Disabled Elderly Man in Burning House


Jumping into action to save a life is a brave decision to make. Many of us are natural-born heroes, ready to help others in the time of need.

You could say that 43-year-old Michael Hudson is one of those people. Without any formal emergency training, he risked his life to save a resident living in Kansas City, Kansas.

Hudson, a truck driver for Baxter Healthcare Corp., was making his rounds Thursday, Jan. 18 when he came across a life-or-death situation. It was his last stop of the day that soon ended in a rescue mission.

Parking his work truck near the home of 86-year-old Marie Broadnax, Hudson noticed another home engulfed in flames.

In a panic, he asked Broadnax was there anyone inside, in which she frantically answered there was a man living by himself who could “barely walk.”

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The man in danger was disabled and in his 60s or 70s. To Hudson, this was an urgent sign that he needed to help the trapped resident.

From Broadnax’s porch, he ran toward the home’s scorching front window. The fire had overtaken the front of the home and Hudson began to fear for his life, so he turned his attention to windows located on the side.

After throwing a few bricks through the windows, he started calling for the disabled elderly man.

During this time, another passerby, 41-year-old Christopher Moody, pulled up and rushed over to help. He took a chance opening the flaming front door but was overwhelmed by the fumes.

However, to his discovery, he found the man lying right there on the floor, near the entrance, underneath all the smoke.

Should these men have waited for firefighters to arrive instead of carrying out their own rescue mission?

The two were able to pull him out of the home just in time. “A couple of more minutes in there and he’d have been done,” Hudson said.

Firemen soon arrived on scene to handle the blazing inferno while paramedics rushed the man to the hospital.

It was unclear how severe his injuries were or what may have caused the fire, but one thing was for certain — Hudson and Moddy risked their lives to save someone else’s.

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“We recommend you don’t go in,” said Chief Morris Letcher with the Kansas City Fire Department. “But sometimes circumstances don’t allow for it.”

Although Letcher advises people to leave house fires to the professionals, he couldn’t deny the fact that these two men were brave.

They did the right thing helping a fellow neighbor, and because of them, this man may have lived to see another day.

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