Pelosi's Disgusting Comments on a Drag TV Show Display What Democrats Really Think of America


Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on a reality TV show about drag queens to pander to her woke fans. Her comments revealed the dark truth about her perception of the United States.

“It was an honor to make an appearance on episode 5 of [RuPaul’s Drag Race] All Stars 7 this week,” Pelosi tweeted on Saturday. “I was inspired by the contestants because they know their power. Their freedom of expression is what America is all about.”

In a video included in the tweet, Pelosi addressed a group of men dressed as women.

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“My honor to be here to say to all of you how proud we all are of you,” she said. “Thank you for the joy and beauty you bring to the world.”

Personally, I would describe my feeling when seeing these men as closer to “disturbed” than “joyful,” but it is possible some people feel differently.

As Pelosi went on, her statements got less defensible.

“Your freedom of expression of yourselves in drag is what America is all about,” Pelosi said. “I say that all the time to my friends in drag.”

Pelosi is correct that freedom of expression is a right afforded to all Americans in the First Amendment, so in that sense, these drag queens are arguably exercising their rights.

Do you think dressing in drag is "what America is all about"?

However, to suggest that dressing in drag is “what America is all about” is patently ridiculous.

While these men do have the right to dress as women if they wish, that does not mean the act is something to be celebrated. Many Americans are disturbed by their actions, and some of these men are probably in need of counseling.

Up until recently, gender dysphoria was considered a reason for a person to seek professional help. The left has now convinced doctors the best way to “treat” this disorder is to affirm and celebrate a person’s delusions.

In any case, many Americans are against celebrating men who dress as women, so Pelosi’s suggestion that this is “what America is all about” is simply untrue.

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Furthermore, there has been increased attention on drag shows aimed at children in recent months. One of the most widely reported examples took place this month in Dallas.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, a gay bar hosted a drag show for children called “Drag the Kids to Pride.” Drag queens provocatively danced for children in front of a sign that said, “It’s not gonna lick itself!”

Pelosi has yet to condemn this sexualization of children, but she did not hesitate to heap praise on men dressed in drag as the debate rages.

If Pelosi truly cared about the future of America, she would take action to protect the next generation.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.