FDA Issues Warning After People Injured Eating Popular New Liquid-Nitrogen Snack


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an alert Thursday about a popular new liquid nitrogen-infused snack commonly called “Dragon’s Breath” that is burning people’s insides and hands.

“The FDA has become aware of severe — and in some cases, life-threatening — injuries, such as damage to skin and internal organs caused by liquid nitrogen still present in the food or drink,” the FDA said in a statement Thursday.

Dragon’s Breath has popped up on social media as people have posted videos of themselves enjoying the cold puff cereal snack that sends plumes of “smoke” out of the eater’s mouth.

But examples of mishaps with the super-low temperature snacks abound.

Racheal Richard McKenny of Florida warned other moms about Dragon’s Breath on Facebook July 25 after she said it gave her son an asthma attack.

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McKenny bought her son Johnny a serving of dragon’s breath at a mall in Jacksonville, Florida, reported the Kansas City Star.

Johnny could not stop coughing during the drive home, McKenny wrote.

When he started to have difficulty breathing, McKenny realized she did not have her son’s inhaler, and they were nowhere near a hospital.

McKenny stopped at a fire station for assistance from EMTs who gave Johnny albuterol, an IV and a shot of epinephrine, reported the Star.

“PLEASE, if you know someone that has even just a mild case of asthma, do NOT let them have this snack,” McKenny wrote. “I should have known better, but it did not occur to me that this food could have this effect.”

Also in Florida, a 14-year-old girl reportedly nearly lost her thumb after eating Dragon’s Breath at the Pensacola Interstate Fair. Liquid nitrogen residue in the cup may have burned her finger.

“The ER doctor had to cut [her thumb] open, cut away the dead skin and get the infection out,” said the girl’s grandmother, Tina McArthur, according to WEAR-TV. “They said had we not come in and got her finger treated she could have possibly lost her thumb.”

The snack is also called “Heaven’s Breath” and “nitro puff.”

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