Pilot Clears Snow Off Lake For 4+ Hrs. Then Aerial View Leaves Girlfriend in Tears


Gavin Becker is a soon-to-be college graduate with an aviation degree. For a Christmas gift, Becker’s high school sweetheart Olivia Toft asked him to take her for a plane ride.

Within days, Becker had rented an airplane and the couple prepared for takeoff. However, their day was halted when the plane wouldn’t start in the 25-below-zero temperatures of Minnesota.

They tried again the next day, and things went more smoothly. But suddenly, Becker told Toft to look out her window.

Toft looked out the window to the frozen lake below, where she saw something she wasn’t expecting and stared in disbelief.

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Twenty-five-foot-tall letters above a giant heart had been carved into the snow on the icy lake, spelling out the words “Marry Me.”

“She looked at me a second, then looked again at the message a second, then back at me,” Becker said of his shocked girlfriend.

Becker had a full speech prepared, but in the moment he could only ask one question.

When she looked back at Becker a second time, he had a ring out and asked her, “Will you marry me?”

Toft was “happy, excited, shocked,” and most importantly, she said “yes.” When the couple landed, they went out to the carved letters to recreate the proposal scene for pictures.

Because she had asked for a plane ride for Christmas, Toft had no idea Becker had an elaborate plan to propose to her.

Meanwhile, the day before, Becker had employed the help of his family to go out onto the lake with him and write the letters with a snowblower.

Their plans were temporarily halted when the plane didn’t start on the original day, but Becker’s family went out the next day to “polish” up the words for the romantic gesture.

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“I was really impressed how well they did it,” Gavin said. “When my dad does something, he doesn’t do it lightly.”

Becker had also asked his family for help when deciding how he wanted to propose to Toft.

“We decided, in pilot style, he should propose in an airplane,” said his dad Ed Becker, who had also proposed to Gavin’s mother on the same lake 28 years before.

“We are definitely fond of Olivia,” he continued. “They’re a good faith-based couple trying to figure out what their future is.”

Clearly, Becker has taken marriage proposals to new heights. Good luck to the next person who tries to propose in Minnesota — this one’s going to be hard to outdo.

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