Police Show Up After Facebook "Hate Speech" Comment Left on Pedophile Story


George Orwell’s “1984” was not meant as an instruction manual.

It might sound glib, but it’s hard to avoid parallels behind the famous dystopian novel and what is happening right now in the United Kingdom.

That’s where a police task force has recently gone after British citizens for daring to do one thing: Make “insensitive” comments about Muslims in Facebook comments.

It gets worse. The British authorities have apparently decided that investigating “offensive” social media comments is more important than the shocking crimes of sexual abuse that led commenters to speak out in the first place.

At the center of the controversy is an investigation known as “Operation Shelter.” That focused on an appalling “grooming” gang which has been found guilty of heinous sex crimes.

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“During the scandal, white British girls were groomed and sexually abused by gangs made up of mostly Muslim Pakistani men in Newcastle. 18 men were convicted over the sex crimes,” reported The Daily Caller.

Any decent human being should be outraged by the abuse of young women, which is a documented problem in much of Islamic culture.

Incredibly, pointing out this fact on Facebook and criticizing the convicted sexual predators drew the ire of authorities, who pivoted the investigation to track down and intimidate citizens for speaking out.

“The police force launched an investigation on Facebook comments posted to its Facebook page in response to stories about the Operation Shelter scandal,” stated The Daily Caller.

Do you believe incidents like this could take place in the U.S.?

“Northumbria Police in Britain warned online users that anyone who posts ‘offensive’ and ‘potentially criminal’ comments about grooming gangs will be tracked down and prosecuted.”

Yes, you read that right: U.K. police are now treating citizens like criminals if they dare post an unapproved opinion on Facebook, such as criticizing a Muslim sex gang made up of immigrants and the sons of immigrants convicted of abusing girls. Read that sentence again until it sinks in.

If you post an offensive comment that hurts the feelings of a Muslim sex gang, you will be tracked down and prosecuted. This is Britain, circa 2018. Their country is on fire with outrage, but this is how British authorities choose to react.

“As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page,” confirmed an unnamed spokesman from the Northumbria Police, according to Chronicle Live UK.

The police force also stated that it tracked down and interrogated at least four people in their homes — all because of social media comments criticizing convicted sex criminals.

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It’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t have a few harsh words for the gang of immigrants after reading what they did to British girls.

“Newcastle Crown Court heard how the men would prey on troubled females and lure them to parties where they were plied with drugs and booze before being used for sex,” reported Chronicle Live.

“The offenders were all Asian or Eastern European descent,” continued that news source. Other news outlets have confirmed that “Asian or Eastern European” actually means Pakistani Muslim, a fact that the British media seems to be actively covering up.

“Most of these men are of Pakistani (Muslim) origin, and the majority of their victims are young, white girls,” explained a report by Quilliam International. “The report suggests that the background of these men has influenced their actions.

“The report found that 84% of ‘grooming gang’ offenders were (South) Asian, while they only make up 7% of total UK population and that the majority of these offenders are of Pakistani origin with Muslim heritage,” admitted the report’s researchers, both of whom have British Pakistani backgrounds themselves. (Emphasis added.)

There are so many questions here that it’s hard to know where to start. Why are British media outlets and politicians purposely masking the fact that Pakistani Muslim immigrants committed the crimes?

Why are they also covering up or downplaying the fact that white girls were targeted?

Why, in a Western nation that was once the beacon of civilization, are police now treating free speech and public criticism as a crime, after turning a blind eye to years of sexual abuse by immigrants happening right under their noses?

This entire case is disturbing, and the actions taken against citizens who spoke “offensive” truths is just the final straw on a mountain of outrage.

Americans should pay extremely close attention to this chain of events, because it could be coming here soon.

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