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Police Officer Rescues Abandoned Puppy from Flooded Car, Names Her 'Dorian'


Often times there are small bright spots in the midst of disaster. It’s rare that those glimpses of hope literally sport spots, but that’s definitely what happened‪ for some Florida deputies this week in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

While the hurricane didn’t wreak as much havoc on Florida as it did the Bahamas, it’s still moving through several other states and could still cause significant issues for the east coast.

On Sept. 4, several deputies were notified of an abandoned car that was flooding. When they went to go check it out, they found that the “abandoned” car still held a tiny passenger.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted photos and a brief recap on their Facebook page following the investigation.

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“Meet Dorian! While working the #Hurricane, deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle, which was unoccupied and partially flooded,” the sheriff’s office posted on Sept. 4.

“Deputy Josh Tolliver checked it out and found this puppy. Deputies named her Dorian. She was wet and scared but otherwise fine.”

While the small, speckled pup seemed to have been left in the car on purpose, the office did state that she would be handed over to Orange County Animal Services that same day.

After the adorable story made the rounds on Facebook, displaying a photo of the pup being cradled by a particular Deputy Tolliver, a flood of comments washed in, with plenty of readers chiming in with advice and questions.

The most repeated suggestion? Tolliver should adopt the pup. Clearly. The two look like a match made in heaven, with the puppy looking like it fell asleep in the deputy’s hands and the deputy grinning from ear to ear.

“The good news is if the owner doesn’t come forward, the deputy will adopt Dorian,” Sheriff John Mina said in a statement, according to People.

The most repeated question? Many readers became quite interested in Tolliver’s relationship status, wondering if he was still available and stating how much of a catch he seemed to be.

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Much to no one’s surprise, the sheriff’s office posted an update the following day, revealing that Dorian was still with Deputy Tolliver. The post was a little cryptic, not clarifying whether the pup was being fostered or adopted by Tolliver, but either way she’s in good hands and obviously enjoying herself.

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“‪Remember #Dorian the puppy? ” the office shared. “‪While working the #Hurricane Deputy Josh Tolliver rescued her from a partially flooded vehicle in a ditch early Wednesday. He named her after #HurricaneDorian. Here she is, living her best life with Deputy Tolliver!”‬

Authorities aren’t quite sure exactly what breed Dorian is — some suggested dachshund or Catahoula leopard dog, since both have the same characteristic merle coloration that the pup has, but the puppy is quite small and adorable no matter what her heritage.

Some commenters pointed out that Dorian might yet be claimed by her former owners, but others argued that abandoning a puppy in the way someone abandoned Dorian was effectively terminating their rights as owners and Tolliver has every right to pick up where they so unkindly left off.

No matter what the case is, the sheriff’s office is no doubt familiar with the rules and Dorian is safe and will be part of Deputy Tolliver’s family if nothing else changes — and that seems most fitting.

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