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Police Officers Across US Share Heartwarming Message for Cop Whose Wife Died in Tragic Accident


Policemen and women work hard every day to protect and serve their communities. They put themselves in danger constantly, and it’s a common fear of family members that they’ll be hurt while on the job.

But accidents can happen anywhere, and it was a shock when one officer and Marine, Jack Adams, was in an accident while out with his family in December.

“Marines, I have some bad news to pass,” Gy Germano wrote on the Jax Iron Gators Facebook page on Dec. 9. “Jack Adams and his wife were in a bad accident last night. He is in serious condition and it doesn’t look like his wife is going to make it.

“If you don’t know Jack, he was a Sgt in Bravo when we were deployed in Desert Storm and now he is a JSO motorcycle cop.

“On a personal note, he was my crew chief for the six months we were in Desert Storm. He was a great Marine.”

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Posts about the family were shared, asking for prayers as they were hospitalized and assessed.

“In December 2018, one of our Motorcycle Police Officers, Jack Adams was involved in a traffic crash,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

“His family was in the vehicle when they were hit by a drunk driver.”

“His wife, Cathy Adams, who also worked for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office died in the crash. Both of his children sustained minor injuries.”

While Adams and his children have been recovering physically, they have had to figure out how to navigate through life without their beloved wife and mother, according to WTVT.

Recently, a group came up with the idea to put a video together to encourage Officer Adams. The clip, intended for Adams, has also warmed the hearts of many others.

Assembled by advertising agency 5ivecanons, the video features law enforcement groups, sports team members and a governor wishing Adams all the best and telling him they were supporting him.

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“If there is anything you need at all you can contact us directly,” one officer offered.

“We are wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery,” an officer with a police department in Des Moines, Iowa, said.

Adam Schaffer of 5ivecanons said that he was “honored” to be a part of the heartwarming project.

“I’ve personally seen a few hundred times,” he told WTVT, referring to the video, “and still to this day it gives me goosebumps and tears.

“[We] donated all of our time and resources to make this piece, and to help our community when it needed it. It was an honor and a gift to us, to help put this together.”

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