Police Show Up After 'Fed Up' Grandma Decides To Single-Handedly End Draconian Shutdown


Mayor Julia Johnson must be proud of herself.

The top-ranking official of Sedro-Woolley, Washington, made a public statement that crime will not be tolerated as long as she is in charge.

To enforce her stance, she had a grandmother arrested for taking down caution tape at an outdoor park and encouraging children to come out to play. She did this to enforce Gov. Jay Inslee’s “stay-at-home” order related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kimberley Taxdahl will now have to go to court and face charges because she believes the lockdown has gone on long enough and kids need to get out and play.

Taxdahl, who called herself a “FED UP American,” took matters into her own hands and “reopened” the park grandma-style, according to a report from KCPQ-TV in Seattle.

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Taxdahl went to Riverfront Park and freed the playground equipment from the yellow caution tape that prohibited children from entering.

She then used a Facebook post to “entice” children with cotton candy to come out and play, according to KCPQ.

Authorities asked her to leave the playground, and after she refused, she was given a paper arrest and charged with criminal trespassing.

Taxdahl has not yet received a date for her court appearance because the courthouse is closed.

“I am simply attempting to advocate for the children in our small town,” she told The Western Journal on Wednesday. “I’m trying to get our city to remove the caution tape, so our kids can play.”

The state of Washington has been essentially shut down for more than 45 days, and Taxdahl believes it’s time to start getting back to normal.

“I wake up and wonder, ‘Am I really here? Is this happening?'” she said of the order to stay at home. “I just don’t understand what has happened to our state.”

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Jason Rantz, a talk show host with KTTH-AM, has been following the events and agrees the local government is overreaching its authority.

“It’s time to allow adults to make some responsible decisions on their own,” he told The Western Journal. “What we’ve heard from Governor Inslee is essentially that if you don’t do what they say, then you want elderly people to die, which is a sleazy attack.”

The mayor addressed the arrest Friday in a post on the Sedro-Woolley Police Department’s Facebook page, saying that “the harsh reality is that none of us get to pick and choose which rules we are going to follow.”

“While encouraging children to play on park equipment may have appeared to be making a statement to the Governor regarding our constitutional rights, in essence it may have possibly endangered their lives,” Johnson said. “If even one of those children were unknowingly carrying the COVID-19 virus, it may have put all the other children in harms way.”

Government officials have overreached their boundaries and forced citizens to seclude themselves at home and stop working. The economy is crashing and lives are being ruined. And some seem to be OK with it.

“People are willingly giving up their freedoms and their rights afforded to us under the Constitution of the United States of America, for this governor who has enacted himself as king of Washington State,” Taxdahl said. “We have lost our rights.

Did the mayor go too far by arresting a grandmother who opened up a park so children could play?

Many American citizens have sat back and allowed elected officials to take over and dictate unconstitutional orders to close down the economy. But Taxdahl is among those who have taken all they can.

The grandmother of five, who is a cancer survivor and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, finally reached a boiling point. She started going to the park twice a day to remove the caution tape.

Taxdahl said local police have warned that she could face charges of destroying official property (the tape), so she reimburses the city with rolls of caution tape that have been donated to her.

In fact, she gives back more than she takes down.

Taxdahl has no regrets and vows to keep doing what she believes is her constitutional right.

For her actions, she said she has been harshly criticized for her actions and even called a “child molester” and a “pedophile.” What is this world coming to?

Taxdahl is an American citizen who is standing up to the draconian mentality that has engulfed many elected leaders within our nation.

Our constitutional rights have been placed in jeopardy by leaders and public officials who have interpreted their roles under the stay-at-home orders as appointments to dictatorship.

When a state releases convicted criminals from jail and arrests grandmothers who want to allow kids to enjoy fun in the park, something is seriously wrong. Priorities have been misplaced, and power is going to the heads of some who are enforcing made-up rules.

No yellow tape can take the place of the Constitution, and Taxdahl should not be referred to as the Pied Piper of Washington State, as she told The Western Journal.

She values her American freedoms while government officials limit where citizens can go under the guise of COVID-19 precautions.

What’s next? Today they’re banning children from playing in a park. Tomorrow, they could be telling people what they are allowed to watch on television, or what time they need to go to bed.

Where does it end in the name of public health?

We are seeing governments overstep their boundaries and erasing our blood-bought privileges.

Let common sense prevail.

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Del Duduit's work has been honored by The Associated Press and statewide news organizations, and his interviews with professional athletes of faith have resulted in several published books and articles. His weekly blog focuses on stories of inspiration, faith and conservative values.
Del Duduit's work has been honored by The Associated Press and statewide news organizations, and his interviews with professional athletes of faith have resulted in several published books and articles. His weekly blog focuses on stories of inspiration, faith and conservative values.
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