Poll Shows Shocking New Low In Opposition to Border Wall Amid Biden's Crisis


Public support for the U.S.-Mexico wall appears to be growing amid the snowballing border catastrophe.

About 50 percent of Americans support the border wall, while 46 percent oppose it, according to a Fox News poll of 1,003 registered voters conducted May 22-25.

The approval rating ties a previous high set in 2015, when Barack Obama was president. At the time, 50 percent of voters surveyed favored the wall, while 47 percent opposed it.

The latest numbers are a reversal from December 2019, when Donald Trump was president. At the time, 44 percent of voters supported the wall, while 52 percent opposed it.

According to Fox News, the biggest pro-wall increases in the latest survey came from:

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  • Women (plus 8 percentage points).
  • White people (plus 7).
  • Republicans (plus 6).
  • Democrats (plus 5).
  • Black people (plus 5).

Not surprisingly, a whopping 50 percent of voters disapprove of how President Joe Biden is managing the border disaster, while just 38 percent approve.

On the issue of border security, 56 percent disapprove of the job Biden is doing, while 40 percent approve.

Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducted the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson, is not surprised that people are upset at Biden’s reaction to the border crisis.

“Given the recent surge in illegal crossings, and the particular uptick in unaccompanied minors at the border, it is unsurprising that Biden receives his worst marks on these issues,” Shaw said.

On the issue of unaccompanied illegal alien children, 58 percent think they should be allowed to stay in the U.S., so they can be cared for by religious or charitable organizations (40 percent) or housed in government facilities until relatives are located (18 percent).

Only 38 percent think the migrant children should be deported to their home country.

Biden and Trump Are Visiting Very Different Areas of the Border, Border Patrol Agents Say

Sadly, there has been a dramatic increase in human traffickers dumping off children like trash bags in the dead of night.

The border surges by unvetted caravans of illegal aliens not only compromise the safety of all Americans, but they endanger the migrants themselves, who are huddled together in overcrowded ICE facilities that were never designed to hold tens of thousands of people for extended periods of time.

The alarming spike in child abandonments is occurring because of the widespread perception among migrants that Biden gleefully welcomes them.

As the nation buckles under the hourly influx of illegal aliens and media-fomented race wars, Vice President Kamala Harris — who was put in charge of the emergency on March 24 — still has not visited the border.

Last week, Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa introduced a bill to ban Harris from wasting any more taxpayer money on travel until she visits the border.

Will public support for the wall continue to rise amid the border crisis?

“It’s unacceptable that after nearly two months as the Administration’s so-called point person on the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris still hasn’t visited the Southern Border,” Hinson said in a news release.

“As illegal immigration has surged, cartels are emboldened, and record levels of fentanyl are pouring into our country, this crisis continues to be out of sight and out of mind for this Administration.”

Hinson hopes her bill will stop Harris from jet-setting around the world “on the taxpayers’ dime until she visits the Southern Border and reports to the American people on the steps the Administration is taking to address this crisis.”

So will this finally light a fire under Harris‘ feet and motivate her to do her job? Not likely. As of Friday, she still has made no plans to visit the border.

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