Princess Diana Scolding Young Prince Harry Mid-Interview Is Hilariously Relatable Parenting Moment


It seems children around the world all share the same annoyingly endearing attribute: the instinct to clamor for your attention, timed impeccably with the moment you really have to focus on something else.

The second we answer the phone — out pops Junior, desperately needing attention. Siblings effortlessly know how to increase their bickering in direct proportion to the importance of your phone call.

Even though she lived the royal life, Princess Diana could relate to our parenting woes. She was called the people’s princess because she was so relatable, which included the very human tendency to get exasperated with her kids.

This photo from 1988 gives us a glimpse into Princess Diana’s parenting style.

As a 4-year-old Prince Harry stuck his tongue out from the Buckingham Palace balcony, his mother responded with what parents recognize as “that look.”

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Perhaps the mother whispered a few words that only Prince Harry could hear. But even without words, the young prince knew he’d better straighten up.

Another hilariously relatable parenting moment between Princess Diana and young Harry happened during an interview. As Princess Diana tried to answer questions about her life, she was distracted by her son.

Prince Harry exhibited that impeccable childlike timing of wanting his mother to notice him while she was trying to get some work done. Though Prince Harry was out of the camera’s view, his giggle is heard, prompting his mother to stop speaking mid-sentence and scold him.

“Harry, shush,” Princess Diana directed. But as she tried to resume the interview, she had a hard time regaining her focus.

Princess Diana tried to collect her thoughts, but her attention was again turned to Harry. She asked him to sit down, with a gentle yet firm tone that meant business.

In the interview itself, Princess Diana tried to explain how she’d want her life to look if she weren’t the Princess of Wales.

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She expressed how she’d have liked a career in counseling, helping people learn to explore their feelings and find healing in conversations with another person.

Mental health is an issue close to Prince Harry’s heart as well, as he has spoken out many times about issues revolving around stigmas associated with mental health. Maybe during all that childhood wiggling and giggling, the prince was listening to his mother’s words, and taking them to heart.

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