12-Year-Old, 15-Year-Old See Punk Choking Mom, Grab Punk's Gun, Drop Him Instantly


In a Forest City, North Carolina, home on Wednesday, 44-year-old mother Chandra Nierman was attacked by her boyfriend, Steven Kelley.

Kelley had made numerous threats to Neirman, including the threat to “cut her throat and kill everyone in the household,” and choked her, WYFF reported.

All three of Neirman’s children, a son, 12, and daughters, 15 and 16, were present at the time of the attack.

The 12-year-old son grabbed one of Kelley’s guns, and the 15-year-old daughter then took the gun from her brother and shot Kelley twice in the chest.

Authorities found Kelley dead at the residence that evening.

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After reviewing the case, district attorney’s office on Friday said that the 15-year-old daughter would not face criminal charges, calling the shooting “justified,” according to WYFF.

Neirman had multiple bruises and marks on her body from the attack, according to the report.

In addition, when the 15-year-old fired the gun, one of the bullets fractured and skimmed the leg of the 16-year-old daughter.

The 16-year-old was treated at Spartanburg Regional Hospital and released Thursday. Whether Neirman sought medical treatment for her injuries was not immediately reported.

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Deputies learned that Neirman and her boyfriend had just recently moved to Forest City from Indiana.

Kelley was found to be a convicted felon, with two domestic violence protection orders active against him from cases involving two different women, one in Indiana and one in Ohio.

Kelley owned multiple guns and kept them in the house. He also was known to carry one with him.

On Aug. 4, a similar incident had reportedly taken place in the same residence when Kelley threatened Neirman and assaulted her by firing several shots, apparently to terrorize her.

It was not immediately clear whether Kelley was legally permitted to own firearms, given his apparent history of domestic violence.

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It’s a tragedy when children see their mother abused, and even the heroic actions of two of her children cannot change that. This young lady, though a hero, will have to live with having taken a life for the rest of hers, because her mom’s boyfriend wasn’t enough of a man to keep himself from beating up on someone he undoubtedly claimed to love.

There was no way for this incident to end happily, but at least this mother and her children need fear no more violence at the hands of this abusive punk.

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