Queen Elizabeth II Burst Out Laughing Over Gift Meghan Markle Gave Her for Christmas


During her record-setting reign over England, Queen Elizabeth II has come to be known for a good many things. A hearty laugh is not one of them.

But she shared an infectious laugh recently with her soon-to-be granddaughter, Meghan Markle.

It came about due to the Christmas gift that Markle gave Her Majesty.

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Talk about someone who would be hard to shop for! What do you get a queen?!?

Well, Markle spent copious amounts of time shopping before turning up what she felt was the perfect gift. A singing hamster.

Yes, just like the battery powered one your Uncle Floyd giddily shows off every time you visit.

The Queen of England is now in possession of perhaps the one thing that she never had: a musical rodent.

The gift was very well received and in fact, follows royal protocol. The family has traditionally exchanged gag gifts with each other around the holidays.

It’s been reported that some of the gifts given through the years have spanned the aisles of Dollar Stores and joke shops everywhere.

For example, there was the year Princess Kate gave Prince Harry a grow your own girlfriend kit.

Or the leather toliet seat given to Prince Charles. A light-bearing pepper mill which was given to Prince Phillip was a nice touch.

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Although the topper, until now, may have been the bath hat given to the Queen by Prince Harry.

According to Prince Harry, the Queen not only enjoyed the gift but the entire holiday was a special occasion.

As Inside Edition reported, Harry told the BBC “She really enjoyed it, The family loved having her there.”

What do you think? It’s a fun tradition, and one that shows a family in touch with laughing and each other more than worrying about extravagant baubles.

Maybe we could learn a thing or two from the Royal family.

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