Rap Star Uses Slur To Attack Black Conservatives


Rapper Snoop Dogg attacked a number of prominent black conservatives by denigrating them using a racial slur.

The rapper, whose legal name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., took to Instagram on Sunday to disparage Herman Cain, Candace Owens, Terrance K. Williams and Pastor Darrell C. Scott, among others.

In a post without comment, Snoop Dogg shared an image modeled after the opening of the 1970s sitcom “The Brady Bunch.”

It featured the black conservatives in boxes around the words “The Coon Bunch.”

Snoop Dogg Instagram post

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The Hodge Twins, who were on the 48-year-old rapper’s list and have 1.3 million Instagram followers, responded to the racist post in the comment section.

“Hey Snoop thanks for the shout out. I see you didn’t get the memo but democrats don’t own black people anymore if you don’t believe me read your comments,” they wrote.

The twins also fired back over Snoop Dogg’s use of the racial slur in a lengthy post on their Instagram page.

“@snoopdogg posted this today calling us along with other black conservative Americans ‘coons’ for aligning with Republican Party. Sorry but we think with our minds not our skin color. Our black ancestors heard chants of ‘coon’ before the KKK hung them from trees.,” the Hodge Twins wrote.

“KKK was started by the democrat party by the way. But here in 2020 blacks are calling other conservative blacks this which is low IQ ass backwards. Snoop was cool with Trump until he ran for President. Also what’s up with the Raccoon in the meme as ‘massa’ shouldn’t it be a white man?” the post concluded.

Scott fired back at Snoop dog on Twitter, accusing the rapper of being a police informant and a sellout.

“I see that snitch @SnoopDogg posted a meme calling Black Trump supporters(including me) ‘Coons’. This from a has been old skool washed up ‘gangster rapper’ who wore an apron on a cooning..uhhh. I mean cooking show with Martha Stewart,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Angela Stanton-King responded to Snoop Dogg by posting an image of the rap star posing with President Donald Trump.

“If I’m a Coon @SnoopDogg what’s this?!” she wrote.

The Georgia congressional candidate elaborated on her thoughts in a video post.

Paris Dennard, when asked on Twitter about the comments denigrating him, responded by saying, “Bigotry knows no color.”

While the slur used by Snoop Dogg against the black conservatives is one that has been around for more than a century, it is now commonly used by some black Americans to attack other black Americans who do not align with the politics of the Democratic Party.

According to Urban Dictionary, “‘Coon’ means something contextually different when a Black person calls another Black person it vs when a White person does. When a Black person calls another Black person a ‘coon’ they’re calling them a sellout.”

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