What a Real Hero Looks Like: Cop Shot in Jaw Tends to Partner's Wounds After Being Ambushed


Democratic politicians and the establishment media may have forgotten what heroism looks like.

We continually see in the news: rioters burning and looting businesses, cynicism toward police officers and the harming — even killing — of fellow Americans.

Yet the media spins their violence as noble while Democrats endorse it.

But sometimes reality pierces through the noise of political agenda and reminds us that the world isn’t completely ludicrous.

Here is footage of a female sheriff’s deputy tending to her partner’s wounds despite herself being shot in the jaw.

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She was also able to radio for help before administering first aid, according to Breitbart.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic violence that some viewers will find offensive.

On Saturday, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were ambushed by a “lone gunman” while they sat outside of the MLK Transit Center in their vehicle, according to a Facebook post by the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

“The suspect approached the vehicle from behind and fired several rounds from his firearm at the deputies, striking them,” the department wrote.

“The deputies sustained critical injuries.”

Although it took the violence of a monster for good to shine, it is refreshing to see the selfless heroism of this deputy amid a media persistently fanning hatred against police officers.

If we want to inspire Americans to be good people, we must show good people. What does it do to the American psyche when we are bombarded with anger, hatred and violence toward each other and our own country?

Actor James Woods tweeted a video an eyewitness recorded right after the incident occurred while the deputies were recovering from the attack.

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You are not going to like it.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

Bystanders at the incident were simply that — bystanders. They did nothing to help the bleeding deputies as this despicable example of a man recording the video cheered on their suffering, smiling as he continued to repeat that the deputies “got aired out.”

Are the media feeding into the violence against police officers?

I wholeheartedly agree with Woods: “Vote like your life depends on it.”

The LASD is asking for the public’s help in catching the suspect. There is a $100,000 reward for anyone with information “leading to [their] arrest and conviction.”

Witnesses describe the suspect as a black male, age 28-30, last seen driving a black, four-door sedan.

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Joey Pietro is an Arizona native who has spent nearly a decade as a local educator. He holds a bachelor's in English from American Public University.
Joey Pietro was an Arizona native who has spent nearly a decade as a local educator. He holds a bachelor's in English from American Public University.