With 'Red Wave' Looming, Lou Dobbs Has Two Candidates to Replace Pelosi


Pundits and political commentators are predicting a “Red Wave” in the 2022 mid-term elections, and former Fox News host Lou Dobbs has the next Speaker of the House of Representatives in mind.

Dobbs addressed the prospect of a new speaker in a conversation with Rep. Matt Gaetz on the Thursday episode of the Florida congressman’s “Firebrand” podcast.

Dobbs cautioned Republicans against keeping current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, calling the current caucus leader an “outright RINO.”

“The party needs strength, it needs vision, it needs energy, vibrancy, and new blood in leadership. It’s that simple,” Dobbs said.

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“Could you be excited about a Speaker Jim Jordan?” Gaetz asked.

“You bet I could be excited about Jim Jordan [as Speaker.] I think highly of him. I think highly of you. I think you should be in there as well,” Dobbs said of Gaetz.

Current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has revealed she intends to seek re-election in November, rebuffing calls from many Americans for the 81-year old career politician to retire.

Dobbs, meanwhile, called for dissident Republican members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to be thrown out of the Republican Party, citing their involvement in Nancy Pelosi‘s partisan Jan. 6  committee.

Matt Gaetz for Speaker of the House?

“The fact of the matter is Kinzinger and Cheney should not even be in the Republican Party,” Dobbs declared. “I am personally disappointed that Republican leadership didn’t have the guts to throw them out.”

Gaetz and Dobbs went on to question the use of seniority as the basis for House Republican leadership.

Gaetz has proposed appointing former President Donald Trump as Speaker of the House. The speaker doesn’t actually have to be a sitting member of Congress.

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Dobbs’ show was canceled by Fox News last February, with some devoted viewers of the longtime host’s program incensed by the decision.

Polls consistently indicate the Democratic Party is in line for an electoral beating in the November mid-terms.

McCarthy has said the GOP could gain over 60 seats in the House of Representatives, according to The Hill. That big of a gain would be on par with the 2010 election.

Such an outcome would bolster arguments suggesting that the American people want a new generation of leadership, a development that could work to the advantage of the 39-year old Gaetz.

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