Report: White Prof Who Pretended To Be Black Was Always Radically Anti-American, Anti-White


A white George Washington University professor who made headlines last week after she admitted that she had built a career out of pretending to be black was driven by anti-American and anti-white activism in her younger years, according to a report.

The Daily Mail reported that Jessica Krug attended an exclusive school in Kansas City, Missouri, where those who knew her said she was “very political” and previously identified as both white and Jewish.

Prior to identifying as a black woman and getting a career teaching black history, Krug was apparently just another white campus leftist in late-1990s America.

An unidentified former associate of the race fraudster explained to the Daily Mail that Krug boycotted her own prom and instead planned a flag burning event while attending the Barstow School, from which she graduated in 1999.

The Daily Mail also reported that after getting a job teaching black history, Krug verbally attacked white people with racial rhetoric at the same time she embraced a black identity and authored divisive racial literature.

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While pretending to be black, Krug once got involved in a spat where she called a neighbor “white trash,” the report said.

In a blog post Thursday, the 38-year-old divulged that her life as a black academic was a series of “lies.”

“To an escalating degree over my adult life, I have eschewed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim,” Krug wrote in a post on Medium.

“People have fought together with me and have fought for me, and my continued appropriation of a Black Caribbean identity is not only, in the starkest terms, wrong — unethical, immoral, anti-Black, colonial — but it means that every step I’ve taken has gaslighted those whom I love,” she said.

The bizarre story says a lot about the culture of victimhood in this country.

A white girl who was, by all accounts, raised with every opportunity chose a path of racial deception that gave her a career as a professional victim with an elevated platform as a minority intellectual, teacher and writer.

Could Krug have found such success as a white person?

Apparently she didn’t believe so.

Much like the story of Rachel Dolezal, an NAACP chapter president who was outed as a white woman pretending to be black in 2015, Krug’s tale defies the notion that opportunities for minority Americans are limited.

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If black Americans and other racial minorities are indeed greatly disadvantaged by a system wrought with an inherent bias designed to keep them downtrodden, why do individuals go through the trouble of portraying themselves as part of that disadvantaged group?

In any event, Krug has vowed to seek mental health help, which might not be a terrible idea.

“To say that I clearly have been battling some unaddressed mental health demons for my entire life, as both an adult and child, is obvious,” she wrote in her blog post.

Of course, the notion that racism dominates American society is a farce, which Krug and Dolezal knew.

Both white liberals benefited greatly from leading lives as “black” women.

Apparently being viewed as a victim in America is lucrative and can come with grand opportunities for those who are willing to live their lives as lies.

But a life built on a series of lies, and lies of lies, is always a house of cards vulnerable to collapse.

Krug wrote in her confession that she supports cancel culture.

“I believe in accountability. And I believe in cancel culture as a necessary and righteous tool for those with less structural power to wield against those with more power,” she said.

The race fraudster then announced she would “cancel” herself.

“I should absolutely be cancelled. No. I don’t write in passive voice, ever, because I believe we must name power. So. You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself,” Krug wrote.

The story is a lot to unpack.

Krug apparently spent her entire adult life selling a lie that she was black in order to get a leg up on what would assume would be a method for her to attain a platform so she could espouse leftist rhetoric.

And she was reportedly a radical leftist long before she was a “black” thought leader. According to the Daily Mail, she used her false identity to attack white people while knowing deep down she was one of them.

“Her current neighbor in the Bronx, Anna Anderson, told the that Krug would call her ‘white trash’ and tell Anderson she was ‘gentrifying’ the neighborhood by going running,” the report said.

“Following a dispute over their bikes Anderson said Krug asked her: ‘Do you know what the police do to black people like me?’

“Anderson told ‘She called me white trash, which is ironic.'”

Because of her staunch activism, Krug was widely accepted by those who gladly welcomed her as an ally in their fight to end perceived systemic racism.

But people and publications who once viewed Krug as an ally are now distancing themselves from her activism:

George Washington suspended Krug last week, and a tweet by the school’s history department called for her resignation.

She had been teaching African American history at the school since 2012, according to her university bio.

There is a point to be made from all of this: Why does it matter if Krug was never black?

The left makes a major issue out of normalizing transgender individuals.

If biological sex is changeable, why can’t a person switch from one race to another?

Racial identity is arguably much more fluid than gender can ever be.

But the left’s arguments are never consistent or based on sound logic.

Krug was simply useful in perpetuating the myth that America is racist to its core.

She was a barking mad militant black activist — until she admitted she wasn’t.

The revelation that she found success portraying herself as a member of a disadvantaged class is inconvenient for those who push the false narrative that being born black or brown is a barrier to success.

In the leftist game of oppression and victimhood, Krug leveled the playing field by masquerading as a black woman, and it worked.

Her legacy is, though, a black eye for a militant movement in academia that foments racial division and is built on the lie that minority Americans cannot get ahead.

Krug’s white-to-black success story, with reported origins in the radical leftist activism of her youth, is proof of that.

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