Rescue Dog Won't Stop Barking, Owner Led to Man in Road with Bleeding, Cracked Skull


Whether you own a dog, cat, hamster, or even a fish, we all love our pets. They bring us such joy and fulfillment.

There’s something about taking care of another living creature that gives us a warm feeling inside. We don’t ask for too much in return, just companionship and loyalty.

One dog, who is being heralded as a hero, took loyalty to a whole new level after performing a good deed for a stranger. Along with three good Samaritans, this tenacious pooch helped to save a life.

When Stacey Cobb, from Franklin, Massachusetts, opened her front door, she was shocked to hear that her son, Kelleher, had been in a terrible accident.

She had been unaware that he had been gone from the house.

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“I was shocked, my heart was racing,” said Cobb as she learned that her son had been rushed to the emergency room.

He had extensive injuries to his head, including a cracked skull as well as an injured collarbone.

Kelleher had decided to go for a skateboard ride but did not take his helmet. As he approached a steep hill he fell, leaving him bleeding and alone.

Close by, Lucy the dog heard the fall and began barking, causing her owner Brendan Pedersen to glance out the window. He ran to Kelleher’s side, stopping oncoming traffic.

Two additional good Samaritans stopped, remaining by his side until help came. It if had not been for Lucy’s voice, there is a good chance that the accident could have been far worse.

Lucy was rescued from the streets of Mississippi by Pedersen and has never felt comfortable around other people.

For all her skittishness and timidity, Lucy was able to speak up when it counted. Now this heroic dog has turned the tables and helped to rescue a stranger.

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So many dogs are left on the streets with no home, fending for themselves. These unfortunate dogs end up in shelters waiting to be adopted by kind people like Pedersen.

This has not gone unnoticed by Cobb, who has always been an animal advocate. She started “A Place to Call Home,” a Facebook page devoted to finding homes for homeless dogs.

Though Kelleher regrets not having his helmet, he feels lucky to have survived.

He will need surgery and still has pain from his fractured collarbone but he is so grateful for those who came to his side, especially a heroic dog named Lucy.

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