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Rescuers Save Adorable 10-Week-Old Kitten Trapped at the Bottom of a Storm Drain


As the summer begins to heat up in Arizona, warnings abound of dangerous outdoor temperatures and the dangers of leaving pets and children in hot cars.

But sometimes, lost or abandoned animals often face the dangerous heat on their own, many finding themselves in dire need of help.

When passers-by in Chandler, Arizona, heard faint meowing coming from a deep drainage pipe, they knew they needed to help.

A tiny kitten had gotten himself stuck and was unable to climb back up the nearly 20-foot-long pipe. The temperature outside was 103 degrees, and they had no idea how long the cat had been down there.

Because the pipe was so deep, community members were unable to reach him and quickly contacted the local Humane Society for help.

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Arizona Human Society Emergency Animal Medical Technician Andy Gallo raced onto the scene as soon as he got the call.

With the help of two other people, Gallo removed the extremely hot drain grate so that he could get his extension pole down to the 10-week-old Tabby kitten.

Because the cat was so far down, the EAMT had to duct tape an extension pole to an animal restraint pole and a few leashes to make it long enough to reach the bottom.

He then lowered it down and carefully scooped the kitten into the restraint and secured it around him. He slowly lifted the cat up through the drain until he finally reached safety.

Other than being a bit hungry and thirsty, the kitten made it out of the situation unharmed. He was transferred to the AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital to be observed.

The kitten is currently in a foster home while he continues to grow. If his foster mom chooses not to adopt him, he will be up for adoption within a few weeks.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a few community members and EAMT Gallo, this little kitty will have a chance to find his forever home after all.

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