Restaurant Break-in Caught on Security Camera, Thief Is Someone Most May Not Expect


One of the many things every business owner has to consider is security measures to prevent theft. Cameras are commonly used, as is security personnel, to keep an eye on things when the business is shut down for the day.

At the Café Milagro restaurant in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, this was the case, as well. However, one evening after owners Travis Day and Adrienne Pellizzari went to bed, a stealthy thief managed to slip past security and in through the security gates, according to Story Trender.

The thief moved slowly, exploring, climbing and working in a manner that clearly indicated no concern over being caught.

A counter-top display was toyed with and the hidden treasure under a blanket was also carefully inspected.

Comparing the burglar to James Bond, Story Trender noted that it wasn’t until a “grave mistake” was made and footing was lost that the thief got caught.

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The slip caused the crook to go “hilariously hurtling down to the floor with an almigty thud,” which caught the attention of the security guard.

Day and Pellizzari were also alerted to the crime-in-progress, and came running onto the scene, both clad in their pajamas. The identity of the culprit was quickly revealed and it shocked them all.

One part of the shock was due to the fact that their thief was not human, but of the furry kind. The next surprise was that this furry fiend was commonly found around Costa Rica.

According to Story Trender, Day explained that even though sloths are common in the area, this particular one still caught them completely by surprise.

He said, “While we have sloths that can be regularly seen in nearby trees, this was the first invasion of our actual restaurant.”

Day then added, “We have a resident sloth named Terrance who can regularly be found behind our restaurant, but this one was a new visitor.” They were able to get the sloth relocated back outside the establishment that night.

It wasn’t until morning that they reviewed the security footage and discovered the hilarity of the sloth’s adventures while attempting to steal a snack.

The entire thing had been caught on tape for them and everyone else to enjoy into infinity.

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A sanctuary for the rainforest mammals was established in 1992 in Puerto Cahuita, Limon, Costa Rica. According to the organization’s Facebook page, it is “the first sloth-only rescue facility in the world.”

Even though they are commonly seen in Costa Rica, sloths also face problems with injury and loss of habitat due to “human encroachment.”

The Sloth Sanctuary works, wherever possible, to rehabilitate the sloths they rescue and release them back into the wild.

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