Restaurant Shames 'Boys Who Forgot' to Pay $325 Bill. Cash Slipped under Door Next Day


Television and movies may make it seem like a lucrative and glamorous industry, but one dark side of the restaurant business is financial loss due to food spoilage and theft.

One such story came to light on Facebook after Carlos Cantina in Croydon, Australia, posted a bill online for the whole world to see. The evening before, six young men had enjoyed a meal at the restaurant and then left without paying.

The cantina shared a copy of their $325 bill on Facebook with a message asking them to come back and pay.

They addressed the young men: “To the table of 6 boys that walked out tonight. You forgot to pay. Please come back.”

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Some people commenting on the post criticized the restaurant for their menu pricing. One example given was the $18.90 charge for a taco.

Whether joking or serious, that alone seemed, to some, to be a good reason to walk out on a bill. Some people even said they would have walked out on such a bill themselves.

However, some other people commenting on it pointed to how such an act hurt the business and those working there.

Australia’s News.Com cited one such statement that reminded people, “That bill is worth three staff wages for the night.”

That could have been where the story ended, but it is not. The next Facebook post from the cantina showed that perhaps the “public shaming” of the boys worked.

The restaurant posted a photo of an envelope with a note that stated payment had been forgotten. Inside the envelope was the full payment of the bill.

The restaurant was pleased to get the payment and a number of people commenting on the post remarked that it could have been an innocent mistake, something they had done or almost done themselves.

The fact that the money came back so quickly, and in full, also suggests that the patrons may have made an honest mistake — especially after the few drinks listed on the receipt.

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Dining and dashing isn’t new. Plenty of restaurants have to deal with the reality that some customers are dishonest.

One Tokoyo-based restaurant may have developed a plan to help reduce possible walkouts.

Mirai Shokudo allows diners to pay for their meal or to do some work around the restaurant to earn it. According to owner Sakai Kobayashi, this plan also helps the eatery reduce its overall costs.

The boys coming back and paying the bill at Carlos Cantina showed that a “friendly little reminder” on Facebook may also be a good strategy to employ when combating bill walkouts. This is an example of social media being used for good.

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