RNC Ad Skewers Democrats Just by Showing Video of Them at SOTU


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A new video ad released by the Republican National Committee is blasting every single Democrat who remained seated during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address last week — and using their own images to do it.

The beginning of the video asked Democrats what they stand for, and then it showed how they remained in their seats when the president spoke about things every American should be proud of.

For example, when Trump spoke about how we “proudly stand” for the national anthem, the ad showed Democrats sitting in their chairs. When the president spoke about serving our veterans, bringing down minority unemployment, and enacting the “biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history,” grimacing Democrats remained seated.

The ad prominently featured key Democrat leaders — including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Bernie Sanders — sitting sternly as rounds of applause filled the air.

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The video ended with a shot of Pelosi looking over her shoulder to check on obedient Democrats who remained in their seats.

Take a look a this amazing ad:

Democrats should be ashamed of their behavior, and just about everyone on the right — including the president — has criticized them for it.

Do you like the RNC's ad?

At the Daily Wire, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pointed out the political costs Democrats are risking by this juvenile behavior:

“Because Democrats despise Trump so much, the chances of any sort of bipartisan deal are dead. On virtually everything. And that’s great news for Trump and conservatives, since Trump can now make virtually any concession to make himself look moderate, knowing Democrats will turn it down; meanwhile, conservatives don’t have to worry about Trump cutting a bad deal, because Democrats have no intention of cutting any deal.”

That’s what comes from being the “resistance.”

During a speech on Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump said Democrats who refused to stand were un-American and just plain sad.

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It’s hard to disagree with him. The image that Democrats projected during Trump’s speech was more than a sad statement about a political party, it was pathetic display of liberal hypocrisy.

The RNC ad ended with the words, “Democrats: What do you stand for?”

That is a great question because many of the things Trump spoke about should not be considered partisan subjects. More jobs, restoring America’s economy and low unemployment rates are things every American, regardless of party affiliation, should stand for.

From this, we can assume that Democrats stand for very little.

Or at least very little of what really matters to most Americans.

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