The Weirdest 2018 Super Bowl Ad Aired in Only 1 State


Super Bowl ad that aired in only one state is getting national attention because of its zany take on insurance companies.

The minute-long commercial comes from attorney Darryl Isaacs, a personal injury lawyer with Isaacs and Isaacs out of Kentucky, and it is a treacherous tale of heroes and evildoers.

The high-production ad featured a damsel who was inured and distressed after her carriage crashed. After calling for help, snow begins to fall, signaling the arrival of “Big Insurance.”

Sure enough, a big insurance zombie hoard invaded the town, bringing their “small checks” with them.

Just as one of the blue-skinned undead commanded the damsel to take his check, a hero flying in on a dragon arrived.

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“Pay this kind woman the money she deserves!” the hero demanded.

That hero would be Isaacs the lawyer, otherwise known as “The Hammer.”

According to the commercial, Hammer works to “protect humanity when evil closes in.”

Isaacs’ fire-breathing dragon burned the puny insurance check with a fireball, and the knight in shining armor gives the damsel a bigger check.

Did you see this commercial during the Super Bowl?

The commercial ends with Isaacs declaring “winter is over.”

The townspeople chant “Hammer, Hammer,” as Isaacs rides away on his dragon.

Take a look at the ad below.

It doesn’t get much more creative than that.

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In an interview with Kentucky radio station Wave 3, Isaacs said production for the commercial went over budget but that he was happy with the outcome.

Isaacs also had an ad in last year’s Super Bowl. It must have paid off because he could afford not only the air time for running the ad, but the crew who helped him create such an entertaining commercial.

This ad might be a little cheesy, but it’s also pretty awesome.

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