School District That Arms Teachers Has Stern Message Waiting Outside for Potential Shooters


One school district in Texas has a serious message for any potential shooters, and it appears to be working.

A sign at the Callisburg Independent School District reads: “Attention: Please be aware that certain staff members at Caliisburg ISD are armed, and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

The idea of armed educators is nothing new. CNN reported that about four years ago, the “guardian” program was implemented. The program allowed a small force of volunteer school staff to carry concealed firearms on school grounds.

So far, teachers have thankfully not found themselves in a situation where they would need to use their weapons to defend against a shooter.

“We’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect our kids and staff,” Clugston told CNN. “We don’t want to be at the mercy of somebody that’s intent on doing harm.”

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Clugston said the educators complete active shooter scenario training once a year and also practice at gun ranges.

“We trying to put our teachers in a position to be better equipped to protect their kids,” Clugston said. “And I have complete faith in our team, that they’re willing to stand up and protect our people.”

Take a look at the sign below:

Do you think teachers carrying weapons is a good idea?

Unsurprisingly, students in the Callisburg Independent School District say they feel safer knowing teachers could protect them.

“I feel protected. I don’t feel like they’re going to threaten me in any way,” one student at Callisburg High School told CNN. “I feel like if someone came in, I know that they’re going to handle it. So I feel very protected.”

“I feel really safe, knowing that, I can come to school and if there’s an incident that does happen that they’ll be able to protect us,” the student said, who did not want to be identified.

Callisburg High School is not alone. KSAT reported that the Texas Association of School Boards said it was aware of 172 districts that allow staff to carry firearms.

While the debate about whether educators should be armed rages on, these schools have already taken the necessary steps to protect children.

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Other schools across the nation also have armed educators.

President Donald Trump has expressed support for arming teachers, and has even mentioned that those who do pack heat should get bonuses.

Comments like these will no doubt infuriate the left, but you can bet that any potential shooter will think twice after walking onto a campus and discovering that teachers are armed and will do whatever is necessary to protect students.

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