Pelosi Destroyed at Town Hall Meeting After Angry Citizen Asks 1 Question She Wasn't Ready For


During a town hall about tax reform in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, an attendee asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a question she was not prepared to answer.

The question was simple, but considering Pelosi’s bogus take on tax reform, it was impossible to answer without making her look like a big phony.

The question: “How much are you worth, Nancy?”

If there is any topic that make liberals look like raving hypocrites, it’s money. Pelosi is right up there with the richest of Democrats who love to complain about the evil “one percent,” while being in that category themselves.

The question came just as Pelosi was telling the audience that the national budget “should be a statement of our national values,” arguing that Republicans are doing the “complete opposite.”

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Pelosi read a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., which indicated that it was wrong for people to live in “inordinate wealth” while others are in “abject, deadening poverty.”

“So these are kitchen table issues though for America’s families,” Pelosi told the crowd. “Most people are not in deadening poverty, but some are. But most people have to struggle to make ends meet.”

After these statements, an angry woman from the audience yelled out, asking Pelosi how much she is worth.

“No, we’re not talking about that,” Pelosi said. “I’m a mother of five, I can speak louder than anybody.”

Do you think Pelosi should have answered the question?

It’s no lie that Pelosi can — and does — speak louder than most people, but remarkably never says anything worth hearing.

It should also be noted that being a mother of five certainly does not give her a pass on the question.

Since Pelosi refused to answer the question, we will do it for her. She is worth $29 million, according to Roll Call.

Take a look at Pelosi dodging the question in the clip below:

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That’s hilarious. Kudos to whomever asked the question. People should keep asking that question until Pelosi answers it and then tries to ramble on about Americans struggling to make ends meet.

She would only embarrass herself more than she already has. Pelosi has spoken against tax reform, and has gone as far as to say that 1,000 bonuses to middle-class American workers are “crumbs.”

It’s clear Pelosi and her posse of Democrats will hate everything President Donald Trump does, even if what he does includes putting more money in Americans’ pockets.

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