Sasse Rips into Booker after He Tries Fundraising Trick During Hearing


If you have have been watching the opening statements of the Senate Judiciary hearings for the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, maybe you have come to the same conclusion that I have. These hearings are going to be a political circus.

Democrats seem to be desperately grasping at any opportunity to delay or deny this confirmation.

As you may expect there is the usual amount of grandstanding taking place when senators gather. After all, the eyes of the nation are watching as they proceed in this important task.

With all this attention focused squarely on their every word, why not use this opportunity to raise a little campaign money too, right?

Perhaps that’s what was going through Corey Booker’s mind as he took center stage during the hearings opening comments because you have to ask: Is it a coincidence that precisely as Corey Booker was making his opening comments during the judiciary committee hearing, a fundraising email titled “Stop Kavanaugh” was blasted out across the internet?

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Did Corey Booker go too far in using senate judiciary hearings to raise campaign funds?

The Daily Wire reported on the email’s content. “We should all be concerned about what it would mean for our country if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court,” the email began. “I will be questioning Judge Kavanaugh at length in this week’s Judiciary Committee hearing to shed more light on his views and record — but here’s what we already know.”

The email also exposes Booker, who has already apparently made up his mind before the hearings progressed or he has even had a chance to question the judicial nominee. He wrote: “We can only make a difference if everyone steps off the sidelines. Add your name to join me in this fight and oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.”

Who says Democrats are anything less than capitalists?

Sen. Ben Sasse was among the first to raise the impropriety. And he hits it square on the head.

And he followed with this comment: “The American people see right through this — and the result will not be more serious deliberation. The result will be (yet again) a smaller Senate, and a more tribal electorate.”

Utah’s Senator Orrin Hatch joined in support. And while you might expect some grandstanding or other bloviating in a hearing of this type, I can’t disagree with Senator Hatch on this one.

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GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel got word of the stunt and weighed in.

I don’t generally expect Democrats will follow the same guidelines of ethics and propriety they expect the rest of us to live by. And I don’t know whether to be horrified by this latest misbehavior or marvel at their unabashed brazenness at seizing the most opportune moment to speak to their base.

Either way, Democrats have hit another high mark for outrageous behavior. I certainly hope Ben Sasse and the rest of the Republicans won’t let it go by without pushback.

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