Report: School Figures Out How to Deal With Students Bringing Cellphones. Grab a Hammer and Get to Work


Cell phones have only been a part of the culture for a short period of time in our history. And the discussion on whether or not they have contributed to our culture in a substantially valuable way is a widely discussed topic.

One thing is for certain – cell phones have changed the way young people view the world around them. It might not be too far a stretch to say the younger generations are dependent on them for their very social existence and rely on them way too much instead of interacting with friends and others on a personal level.

With the growth in popularity of cell phones, it’s too bad that a certain etiquette didn’t come along to help set some boundaries and standards of good behavior when dealing with the technology.

Most of us have experienced a cell phone user who oversteps the boundaries of courteous protocol during a social situation and it’s very annoying.

However, there is one teacher who has taken teaching cell phone etiquette to his students to a new level, and I think you’re going to enjoy it.

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His idea might have crossed your mind before, too, but you may not have had the nerve to go through with his strategy. He actually does and it has made worldwide headlines.

The U.K. Daily Star reported that a “crazed” — their word, not mine — teacher had confiscated cell phones and was smashing them with a hammer.

And here you see it. Now admit it. How many times have you wanted to do just that very same thing to someone’s or maybe your own child’s cell phone when they crossed the line of decorum?

Is this a smart way to deal with students' cellphones?

The Star identified the school as the Lyceé Joseph Ambourouet Avaro in the West African country of Gabon.

“The school’s deputy head teacher Daniel Esseng later justified the action by pointing to his strict no-mobile rules, one of which states that all devices ‘confiscated within the high school’s grounds will be immediately destroyed,'” reported The Star.

“Strict” is definitely the right word, and not such a bad thing, in my opinion. The internet is full of video where adults and kids are rudely taking phone calls during inappropriate moments, such as in class or in meetings.

We don’t want you to think Esseng is a radical cell phone smasher. He does make exceptions for students who have a serious need to remain connected to the world around them, according to the Star, such as in those with unique heath issues.

He also explained that most of the cell phones being smashed in the video were confiscated years ago, the Star reported.

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He just wanted to send a message to his students that cell phone use in his class will not be tolerated and that he expected rules to be followed.

Actions have consequences. A great rule to live by and a valuable lesson for anyone.

The Star also noted that parent complaints didn’t seem to be a problem at the school — and that speaks volumes.

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