Security Cam Shows Brave Woman Throw Cash at Robber, Steal His Gun, Then Chase Him Off Twice


Imagine how you’d deal with this situation: A masked man barges into your work and demands cash. He’s armed with a pistol, and isn’t there to make friends.

What would you do? For a woman in Kentucky, the answer was to take on the criminal, and turn his own gun against him.

On Monday, a hotel worker in Paducah, Kentucky, got quite a shock when a man charged in, pointed a weapon and demanded cash. Surveillance video captured what happened next — and it was anything but an ordinary robbery.

“According to police, the hotel employee said a man came in just before 10 p.m. Monday,” WITI News reported. “The employee threw money on the counter, and the robber placed his gun on the countertop in order to collect the money and place it in a plastic bag.”

Incredibly, the woman made a brave but risky decision: Watch for the man to be distracted, and then lunge for the gun.

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As the robber fumbled with the bag of loot, the clerk saw her opportunity. In a surprisingly swift motion, she snatched the weapon from the countertop and pointed it back at the thug.

The robber fled the scene, and when police arrived they recovered the handgun. It had been reported stolen from a home last month.

Although he was able to elude authorities briefly, the embarrassingly-disarmed criminal was arrested on Tuesday after a traffic stop. Police noticed stolen items in the car of 26-year-old Cory Phillips and connected him to the hotel robbery.

It’s extraordinary footage, but also an important reminder of a few lessons. It is worth noticing that several anti-gun narratives fall apart when you think about the facts in this robbery.

The handgun used in the crime was stolen, taken illegally during a previous incident. Once again, it seems that increasingly-intense gun laws don’t do much to stop the thugs of the world. But while criminals willingly steal, law-abiding people are often left defenseless.

And that brings us to the second point. The instant a victim — the hotel clerk — was able to have a gun in her hand, she instantly became empowered to defend herself. The entire altercation changed, and a man who thought he had the upper hand quickly changed his tune.

That’s the part the left often misses. The Second Amendment is important because it levels the playing field, and lets those who might be victims have a real chance at defending themselves.

This entire frightening situation could have gone very differently from the start if the woman at the counter was legally armed, and fully prepared to protect herself. Concealed carry has protected citizens many times before, which is why it’s so important as an issue.

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All too often, voices on the left forget that overly-strict gun control can disarm good people, while criminals sidestep the law.

A split-second action by the woman in this case made all the difference, but preparation beats luck more often than you’d think.

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