Sen. Rick Scott Greets Hannity with Red Box in Hand During Live Show: 'Oh My...'


A conservative senator had a surprise gift for a Fox News heavyweight on Thursday.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida presented a National Republican Senatorial Committee award to Fox’s Sean Hannity at a Florida town hall broadcast of Hannity’s show.

Scott praised Hannity’s work, offering him the NRSC’s Champion for Freedom award in a red gift box, according to Mediaite.

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“You care about freedom — what you do on your show to fight for freedom around this country is unbelievable,” Scott said in recognition of Hannity’s accomplishments.

“Oh my God,” Hannity said as he was handed the award.

Hannity likened the award to hockey’s Stanley Cup, remarking how he’d always wanted such an award as a child.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio both appeared in Hannity’s Thursday town hall broadcast from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Both statewide officials are up for re-election, unlike Scott.

Election analysts generally expect Republicans to hold statewide and federal offices in Florida.

Republicans have consolidated what was once considered a purple swing state.

Some reports suggest that Florida Democrats are outright giving up on winning elections in the state, having resigned themselves to defeat at the hands of DeSantis and Rubio.

Hannity has described himself as a “talk show host” throughout his television career, rather than a journalist, according to Mediaite.

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There’s an important distinction. The former role lends itself to color commentary, whereas accepting an award from an elected official might not be appropriate for a pure journalist.

Scott serves as the chairman of the NRSC.

It’s thought that his service in the role could precede an even more powerful position in the Senate Republican caucus.

Scott has publicly criticized Mitch McConnell, according to the New York Times — with some conservatives speculating that the former Florida governor intends to claim the role of Senate Majority Leader for his own.

Hannity — one of the biggest voices in conservative media — would be a potent ally in a bid for power over the Senate GOP caucus.

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