Senate Analysis Group Ranked Kamala Harris as Most Liberal Senator - Yes, Even More Than Bernie


When former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign announced Tuesday that California Sen. Kamala Harris had been chosen as his running mate, the moment was hailed as historic by much of the media.

They probably didn’t want potential voters to look into her record in the Senate, or her career as San Francisco’s top prosecutor or as California’s attorney general.

They definitely didn’t want people looking into her so-called “ideology score,” which the government watchdog website uses to rank all senators based on their legislative activities.

Politics be damned, but if you’re asking, Harris is a “pragmatic moderate,” The New York Times announced Tuesday, which was surprising to hear for those of us who have heard her rhetoric.

Harris ran a very public primary campaign last year seeking her party’s nomination.

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It didn’t end well, but the country got a chance to know Harris, and moderation did not appear to be part of her campaign.

In fact, Harris was the most liberal lawmaker in the Senate last year, and that isn’t based on speculation.

According to, Harris was more liberal than even Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, which seems like an impossible feat.

The government watchdog ranked congressional lawmakers, including all 100 members of the Senate, and assigned them an ideology score from 1.0 for most conservative to 0.0 from most liberal.

Do you think addition of Harris to Biden's ticket strengthens his campaign?

Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats but apparently finds them too moderate for him, was only the country’s second-most leftist senator in 2019, per the GovTrack report cards.

Sanders, who wants to nationalize virtually every sector of the economy and seems to draw his life’s inspiration from the mere idea of wealth redistribution, was assigned a score of 0.02, which makes him very liberal.

But he was bested by Harris, who was found to be the most far-left member of the Senate.

Harris was awarded a score of 0.00 in 2019, giving her a perfect score as a liberal.

For comparison, Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn was ranked the most conservative senator in 2019, with a perfect score of 1.00.

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For those who are familiar with Blackburn, it would be hard to argue against her score, given the Tennessee Republican’s conservative credentials.

Given the fact that GovTrack seems to have accurately scored Blackburn, it’s hard to argue the report card for Harris could be an aberration.

GovTrack cited Harris’ failure to join bipartisan bills, her record of missing votes and her ability to get bicameral support as partial factors for her rating.

Those factors are only part of the criteria, but when added up, Harris was the biggest liberal in the Senate last year, per her report card.

Why would The New York Times mislead us?

Of course, that’s the newspaper’s job at this point.

Fox New host Tucker Carlson had an interesting take on the paper’s portrayal of Harris as a moderate on his program Wednesday.

As for The Times’ assertion that Harris is a “pragmatic moderate,” the host said the description was used to set the tone for how other news agencies would ultimately report on Harris.

Carlson speculated describing her as a moderate is meant “to send a very clear signal to everyone else in the business.”

“At this late stage in American journalism, The New York Times exists primarily as an assignment editor for producers at CNN,” he said.

“Expect to hear quite a bit about Harris’s pragmatic moderation in coming weeks,” Carlson added.

Carlson’s Wednesday monologue is worth a watch if you have the time:

Harris is quite literally the farthest person from moderation in the Senate, but the establishment media doesn’t want people finding out how far left the Biden-Harris ticket is, which explains the disinformation about her radical ideology.

The media would like to portray Biden as a moderate alternative to President Donald Trump, even as his campaign has taken a hard left turn. Now, the media’s disinformation campaign regarding Harris is in full swing as well.

Biden is a career politician who is also unable or unwilling to answer questions about his speculated cognitive decline.

In the event he fails to finish his term if elected in November, which many likely voters believe is very possible, according to a recent poll, he has chosen a replacement to step in and run the country.

But Harris is anything but a moderate, which explains the establishment media’s focus on her skin color and gender.

Criticizing a woman of color in today’s racially charged political climate is a challenging thing to do, which is already providing Harris with some shelter.

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