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Senior Dog Fading Fast in Icy Creek, First Responders Pull Him from Water Just in Time


Early this month, one family in Indiana lost track of their dog. Assuming their old golden retriever had found a way out of their yard, Brett Walker posted a notice on Facebook.

“Our dog Marley got out on the 6300 block of Nevada in Hammond if anyone has seen him or has any info please dm me,” he wrote on Friday, April 5. “He is harmless he’s just a big baby. Thank you. Please share.”

Marley was not only an elderly gentleman, but he had some health issues he was dealing with, making his immediate return that much more important.

On Saturday, the Highland Fire Department posted their own notice, sharing photos of a rescue that was underway.

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“Highland Fire Department and Highland Police Department are at Grace and Martha helping rescue a stuck dog,” the post read.

The photos showed first responders using ropes and ladders to help the dog scale the steep sides of the creek. According to the Bristol Herald Courier, Fire Chief Bill Timmer said the golden was “fading fast” when they reached him, but that he was “a little cantankerous” when they tried to pull him out.

The golden oldie indeed turned out to be Marley, but no one seems to know quite how he found himself in such a predicament.

“Someone HAD to have picked him up and then dropped him because he originated from Hessville and was found ACROSS the expressway in Highland,” Gail Walker commented on Brett Walker’s photo. “He’s old, he’s sickly. So HAPPY we got him home…”

On the fire department’s post, the story cleared up a little more when a man named Frank Koziol explained that it was his wife who first spotted the ailing dog.

“I just glad my wife seen the dog when we were going over the bridge,” he wrote, “I tried to help at first but to steep to get him out call 911 the police and fire department helped did a great job.”

“This is our dog we have no idea how he got that far from 6300 block of neveda in Hammond,” Brett Walker wrote. “It seems like someone took him and dumped him…”

“I couldn’t thank you enough,” Walker added in a reply to Koziol, “bc he’s actually pretty old … We think someone took him and didn’t notice he has a tumor on his butt and than decided to just leave him when he noticed.

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“I’m so glad there is good people like you and your wife and he was rescued and not found dead. Again sir 1000 thanks you.”

Koziol said he was glad the dog was OK and asked after his health, also mentioning that the dog was a sweetheart and he would’ve been happy to take him in.

Marley made his way home, where he was promptly bathed, ate his dinner and then went to sleep.

“Thanks to all who helped with this rescue,” the fire department added on their own post. “We love a happy outcome!”

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