Serial Napper Dem Appears to Fall Asleep During ATF Hearing, Should He Be Removed from Office?


Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York was lampooned on social media after the serial napper was caught once again falling asleep on the job on the taxpayer’s dime.

In the latest of several such incidents in recent years, the 75-year-old career politician was spotted dozing off Wednesday at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee titled “Oversight of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

Nadler, the ranking member of the committee, looked exhausted and apathetic in disturbing screenshots shared on Twitter.

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Gun rights organizations slammed the Democrat for falling asleep during an important discussion of Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Several Twitter users said Nadler’s repeated inability to stay awake on the job proves term limits — and mental fitness tests — are necessary.

“No other working Americans get to sleep in front of their bosses,” one commenter wrote. “The taxpayers are his boss.”

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We get it: Sometimes you don’t sleep well, and congressional hearings can be tedious and dry at times.

However, when you’ve been entrusted to represent constituents and you’ve been feeding at the public trough for 46 years, you should at least try to look as if you care about your job.

Nadler has been caught multiple times in recent years napping at various hearings, including once in 2019 when he was the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and was supposed to lead the meeting.

Indeed, Nadler’s snoozing is such a common occurrence his peers gave him a nickname.

“He was Rock-A-Bye Baby,” a Democratic staffer told the New York Post in September. “The meetings are usually half an hour and he was out for about 15 minutes … It’s just a known thing.”

One House Democrat who works closely with Nadler told the Post: “I don’t think it’s like Dianne Feinstein. You can just tell he’s not … as engaged with others.”

Ironically, Nadler was among a group of Democrats who, in 2021, wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove then-President Donald Trump from office.

The 25th Amendment allows a vice president and Cabinet to remove a sitting president who is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

Should Jerry Nadler be removed from Congress?

Perhaps Nadler’s fellow members of Congress should invoke a similar clause to remove him from office.

It is not ageist to want and expect politicians — regardless of age — to carry out the duties of the job they were elected to perform.

There is simply too much at stake for public servants to exploit and trivialize their taxpayer-funded posts for self-serving reasons. Like the rest of us, they can nap on their own time.

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