Sessions Announces 'Zero Tolerance' Policy Following Surge of Illegal Border Crossings


The Justice Department is implementing a “zero-tolerance policy” for any illegal border crossings into the United States, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Friday.

The new policy comes after the Department of Homeland Security reported earlier this week illegal border crossings had increased 203 percent from March 2017 to 2018.

The 37 percent increase in illegal border crossings from February 2018 to March 2018 marked the largest month-to-month proliferation since 2011, according to the Justice Department.

“The situation at our Southwest Border is unacceptable,” Sessions said in a statement announcing the new policy.

“Congress has failed to pass effective legislation that serves the national interest — that closes dangerous loopholes and fully funds a wall along our southern border,” he said.

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“As a result, a crisis has erupted at our Southwest Border that necessitates an escalated effort to prosecute those who choose to illegally cross our border.”

The new policy directs U.S. attorneys along the southwest border to prosecute all illegal immigrant border crossing referrals from the Department of Homeland Security “to the extent practicable.”

“To those who wish to challenge the Trump Administration’s commitment to public safety, national security, and the rule of law, I warn you: illegally entering this country will not be rewarded but will instead be met with the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice,” Sessions said.

The surge in illegal border crossing proved “the crisis at our Southwest border is real,” DHS spokesman Tyler Houlton said April 5.

Do you think this policy will help border security?

“Illegal aliens continue to exploit our immigration laws,” Houlton said.

“We need to close these dangerous loopholes that are being taken advantage of each and every day, gain operational control of the border, and fully fund the border wall system.”

President Donald Trump urged Congress in a tweet Wednesday to address the nation’s “very weak” border laws.

In a follow-up tweet the following day, Trump commended the “strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our border.”

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While zero-tolerance policies have succeeded in cutting down illegal border crossings in the past, they’ve also provoked civil rights groups’ criticisms, according to The Washington Times.

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