Shameless Liberals Pushing Agenda While Dead Bodies Are Still Warm at FL School Shooting


It’s become sadly predictable, but no less pathetic: As a school shooting incident occurred in Florida, liberals scrambled to blame conservatives and push their agenda — with some pundits barely waiting ten minutes to make the deadly incident political.

On Wednesday afternoon, a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and authorities estimated that at least 20 people had likely been shot.

Scant details are known about the crime or the motive, but that didn’t stop the left from attacking law-abiding gun owners anyway.

Countless liberals, including some reasonably well-known journalists, took their outrage out on the usual punching bag: The NRA.

“This morning, NRA tweeted about getting your loved one a gun this Valentines Day,” declared liberal activist Igor Volsky while emergency workers were still on scene at the school.

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“3 hours later, we’re in the middle of another school shooting. We’ve had more than 11 in 2018 alone,” he posted on Twitter. “WE NEED FEWER GUNS IN AMERICA, NOT MORE.”

Think about that logic for a moment: He seems to actually believe that a tragic mass shooting could happen if you buy your wife a handgun as a present. Apparently encouraging women to have the tools and training to defend themselves against crime causes mass shootings.

This is the broken, non-sequitur logic that the left parrots as deep thought.

And his “we need fewer guns” rant? It turns out that as the number of lawfully-owned guns has increased in America, murder rates have gone down. But that fact doesn’t tug at people’s emotions as much as an all-caps rant about school shootings.

Are you one of the millions of NRA members?

Another journalist all but claimed that the Republican Party and the NRA personally murdered children.

“Once again, our children are held hostage and murdered by the GOP and NRA‘s intransigence,” posted MLB Daily Dish contributor Mike Bates just seven minutes after news of the incident had broke.

Rolling Stone journalist Marissa R. Moss made a similar sick claim. “The NRA sees school children as collateral damage to their cause. Anyone not wanting to talk about gun control does too.”

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Translation: Anybody who has different views on gun ownership than me wants to see dead children.

Other emotion-based responses repeated a shockingly kindergarten-level understanding of the issue.

“Another shooting. Guns are bad. F U NRA,” declared Jen Royle, a sports reporter with a verified Twitter account.

Yes, that’s the extent of her argument: Guns are bad. Full stop. Meanwhile, live video of the scene in Florida showed heavily-armed police officers carrying guns running toward the danger to confront the shooter and save lives.

This is the real problem with knee-jerk reactions and emotional hot takes to tragic incidents: There is nothing thoughtful, factual, unbiased or intelligent about them, yet the people with clearly no grasp of the issue act as if their outrage ends the debate and they hold the moral high ground.

Let’s be extremely clear: No sane American of any political party wants to see another school shooting happen ever again. That includes liberals and conservatives, NRA members and ACLU volunteers.

These incidents are shocking and senseless, and NRA members are just as saddened when they occur as any other American.

If liberal journalists actually bothered to talk to a few law-abiding gun owners, they would know this, but they seem intent on viewing the NRA as a fantasy paramilitary group instead of realizing that it’s made up of millions of everyday Americans: Quiet retirees, patriotic veterans, women who want to stay safe and outdoorsmen who believe in conservation.

After every gun-related tragedy, the left screeches about “having a national conversation” about gun control, but refuses to actually allow an even-handed debate to happen.

As recent incidents like the shooting in Texas have shown, trained and law-abiding citizens can and do make a difference, while gun-free zones at schools clearly do next to nothing in preventing crime.

This is even before mentioning the crime-lowering effects of concealed carry, the use of modern rifles as a tool for home defense or the right of citizens to have a fighting chance against criminal mobs and encroaching tyranny.

Yes, there is room for an honest and earnest debate about gun laws in America — but literally minutes after a tragedy is not the time, and ignoring crime facts while labeling millions of lawful gun owners as heartless murderers is not the way.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.