'Shark Tank' Star Gives High Praise to Donald Trump's 'Masterful Mind'


Real estate mogul, entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” co-star Barbara Corcoran told Business Insider’s Julie Zeveloff that President Donald Trump is a “phenomenal salesman.”

Corcoran, who spent considerable time with Trump while the two were building their real estate businesses in New York City, spoke about the president at Ignition 2018, a Business Insider conference that took place earlier this month in New York City.

Zeveloff posed the question to Corcoran: What makes Trump such a great salesman?

“He’s not a great salesman,” Corcoran said. “He’s probably the best salesman I’ve ever been in the company of and I spent a lot of time with Donald.”

Corcoran said that while their businesses were growing, she and Trump spent a lot of time together and that he is “the best salesman I’ve ever met in my life.”

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To demonstrate the point, Corcoran told the story of a group of the wealthiest families from Hong Kong who were in New York City to buy the Plaza Hotel.

According to Corcoran, she and a group of brokers were all hungrily attempting to make the deal, when Trump came in and changed the game.

“I watched him totally not pitch the Plaza Hotel, bury it, and talk about the land masses on the Hudson River and the buildings that would be there,” Corcoran said.

“They were not the least bit interested. They just wanted to buy the Plaza Hotel. A customer, I wanna buy it. And Donald was near bankruptcy, really needed the money to bail out. And I watched him… I thought he was so off. He wasn’t.”

Do you think Trump is a great salesman?

Corcoran said Trump gambled and won, and the customers bought the land he walked in and sold to them, and they built the towers that are along the river today.

Corcoran also gave insight on how she believed he was able to pull such a venture off.

“I’ll tell you what his masterful mind does. He is a genius at picking out the vulnerability of someone’s personality. He can smell it. Sense it and trust it,” she said.

“He could see what your weakness is and not physically reach over and put his finger on it, but he just could see what your weakness is and play into it.”

According to the “Shark Tank” regular, Trump used the same tactic during his run for president. “I think he put his finger on what the weakness was, the vulnerability of people and he knows how to touch it. Just so. And people go along for the ride,” she noted.

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“He is a phenomenal salesman, I have to say. Really. He could sell anything. And he did.”

While Corcoran has great admiration for the way Trump is able to sell, she has said in the past that she is proud of herself for standing up to him when their interests weren’t aligned.

Corcoran told Business Insider in November 2016 about a time when she was summoned to Trump’s office and the pair negotiated a plan for the billing of the residences in Trump Tower.

“I got paid very well for finding the voice and the courage within me that day, and I’ve been practicing it ever since,” she said.

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