Sheriff Vows Action If Illegal Alien Who Allegedly Savaged Female Border Patrol Agent Is Allowed to Walk


An Arizona sheriff has firmly vowed to enforce the law after an illegal immigrant savagely attacked a female border patrol agent.

According to Fox News, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said that if the federal government chooses to not prosecute the attacker, his office will take charge of the case.

“If the U.S. Attorney declines prosecution, we will pursue charges at the local (county) level,” Dannels said in a text message.

Dannels’s statement comes following an incident in the early hours of Saturday morning when a female agent assigned to the Tuscon Sector was assaulted by an illegal immigrant she was arresting.

The incident highlighted once again the problems at the southern border, with GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas taking to Twitter to say, “It’s time to end this. I will not tolerate a @HouseGOP that does not end this. We have the power.”

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This comes amid an increase in violence along the southern border, as the Biden administration’s open borders policy allows illegal immigrants to stream into the country, including people who are on the terror watchlist.

At the same time, the Biden administration seems more intent on prosecuting Americans for exercising their right to self-defense to protect their property and their families.

Is the federal government allowing the border crisis to continue?

Furthermore, while Biden seems like he could care less about America’s southern border, he has no problem with sending money and weapons to Ukraine to protect its border.

Fortunately, although the federal government seems unwilling to take action, there are those like Sheriff Dannels at the local level who are willing to take the initiative and keep Americans safe.

This illegal immigrant is charged with assaulting a federal agent on duty, thus making it a federal crime. It is therefore the duty of the federal government to prosecute him.

But since the Biden administration has abdicated its responsibility for border security, it is now down to local officials to ensure that the border is secure and that laws are enforced.

It is said that lawlessness only breeds more lawlessness. Through its irresponsible policies, the Biden administration is encouraging lawlessness that is only going to lead to the breakdown of safety and security in these border regions.

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Dannels, on the other hand, wants to stop the lawlessness before it spirals out of control in order to ensure that these border communities are free from harm.

Sheriff Dannels is doing the right thing: He is fulfilling the oath he swore to protect and serve the citizens of Cochise County.

If only Biden would remember the oath that he swore to uphold the laws of the United States and serve the American people, then perhaps we would not be in this mess.

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