Shock Video: New Hampshire Town Official Sends Unmasked Parents to Back of the Room


If you don’t wear a mask, one New Hampshire town official wants you segregated from your neighbors.

Hudson, New Hampshire, town moderator Paul Inderbitzen ordered parents without face masks to move to the back of the room during a school board meeting on Saturday.

“I’m asking everyone to remain seated for the meeting and to remain masked,” he said. “There’s an unmasked section in the back.

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“I’m asking anyone who does not wear a mask to be in that section, and I’ll ask our officer to enforce that.”

Parents objected to Inderbitzen’s demands, with some interrupting to say the requirement was illegal.

The exchange took place before a meeting in which parents debated a measure to overturn Hudson’s school mask mandate.

School board meetings across the country have descended into chaos over mask mandates. Even students have begun to protest and defy school mask mandates.

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Inderbitzen claimed that “the people who are masked … have a right not to be exposed to people that do not have a mask.”

Community members sparred with school officials and the town moderator throughout the meeting.

“We should be giving parents the rights back to make the decisions for their own child,” one man said. “The more evidence that comes out, it’s quite obvious that the cloth masks that most of the children wear … have little to no effect on protecting them and helping their safety.

“So we’re doing it to make ourselves feel better, and to protect ourselves from our own fear of COVID,” he said.

Another man even moved to override Inderbitzen’s “rule of segregation.”

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“You’re segregating us. I don’t know if we should have some type of yellow star or something,” he said.

The Hudson school board voted unanimously against the measure to remove the mask mandate. The provision to end the mandate was legally non-binding, with the board asserting the right to set mask policies.

Democrat-leaning states across the country have recently moved to end mask mandates, including in schools. Even President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware is ending mask mandates, in defiance of Biden’s preferences.

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