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Singer Meghan Trainor Loses Her Mind When Dr. Phil Joins Her for 'Carpool Karaoke'

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Over the years, “The Late Late Show” host James Cordon has entertained viewers with his surprising guests and surprisingly good vocals on his segment “Carpool Karaoke.” On the most recent edition, he drives along the roads in Los Angeles with singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor.

After a brief sing-along with her, the popular television personality launched into the married-life questions. He asked her how it was going with her new husband Daryl Sabara (from “Spy Kids”), and she beamed.

“It’s so fun and I recommend it to everyone,” she said. “It’s so good.”

Then they got into the details of how the two met. Apparently, Trainor’s friend Chloë Grace Moretz introduced the two and they went on a bowling double-date.

“She set me up on a modern-day blind date,” Trainor explained. “We were hanging out and I was like, ‘Dude, I’m just trying to find a nice guy.’ And she was like, ‘Well, one of my best friends is the nicest guy I know.'”

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Obviously, the two hit it off, and tied the knot in 2018. After discussing Trainor’s personal life, Cordon asked about her career ambitions. Trainor said she didn’t always think she’d be a singer.

“I think because of my looks,” she said. “I looked as insecure as I felt.”

But she could write — and write she did, penning songs for famous singers like Jennifer Lopez, Rascal Flatts and Michael Bublé. She has a way with words, so Cordon challenged her to make up a song on the spot.

“Do you think you can write a song about any topic?” he asked.

Together, the two of them came up with a catchy song. But the surprises were far from over: Cordon had heard of how much Trainor adored Dr. Phil — but perhaps he wasn’t aware of just how smitten she was with him.

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She admitted, when the topic was brought up, that she’s seen all the episodes of his show multiple times, had watched an episode that very morning and had recently gotten tickets to view a taping.

“I was in the audience,” she explained to Cordon. “For my birthday, my brother got me tickets to see Dr. Phil live and I went there and it was the greatest day of my whole life.”

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Pulling to the side of the road, Cordon casually asked about a tour she has coming up, but as she started to answer, she glanced in the side mirror and then completely lost it. There was Dr. Phil, and he opened the door and slid onto the back seat, buckling up.

“I’m gonna throw up. I’m so excited,” Trainor said, flipping out and then looking back at him. “Your teeth look so good. He’s so handsome.”

They talked about the show, music and anxiety before “All About That Bass” came on and Dr. Phil did his best to sing along while Trainor continued to lose her mind because one of her idols was not only sitting in the car with her, he was singing her song.

Before Dr. Phil left, the three joined hands and he gave them a last bit of advice.

“If you figure out why people do what they do, and don’t do what they don’t do, then you got a huge leg up on life. Pay attention, pay attention, right. We don’t listen to each other enough anymore.”

“And listen to Meghan — and don’t forget she got a new album coming out January 31.”

Trainor, once again, started screaming, and Dr. Phil said “How do I know that if I’m not a true fan, huh?”

“Bucket list dream for me,” she posted on Facebook on Thursday. “I’ve always wanted to be on Carpool Karaoke and i can’t believe it finally happened?? love you forever James Corden thanks for always being so kind to me and my family? make sure u watch it tonight. There’s a BIG surprise.”

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