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Sneaky Goldendoodle Caught on Video Stealing Cookies Right Off the Counter


Who hasn’t attempted to snatch a cookie from the cookie jar at least once in their lives? Everyone knows what it’s like to have a craving you just can’t ignore.

It seems that canines have that feeling once in a while, too.

When Kenny Herman of Ardsley, New York, noticed his family’s supply of Oreo cookies mysteriously dwindling, he had his suspicions about the culprit.

According to Herman’s tweet, he and his wife initially assumed their 5-year-old daughter Maddie was snatching sweets.

Herman often posts videos of the little girl that reveal her spunky personality.

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Herman set up a camera to catch the thief in action. Sure enough, someone was swiping cookies off the kitchen counter.

However, it wasn’t Maddie in the video.

“We suspected that Maddie, our 5-year-old, was stealing @Oreos – so we set up a @googlenest to catch her red-handed,” Herman’s tweet reads. “Instead, we caught Max, our 2.5-year-old Goldendoodle, red-pawed. Can’t blame him.”

In the hilarious 45-second video that followed, a mischievous Max stood on his hind legs to reach the tall counter.

He sniffed around for the cookies before attempting to scoot them closer.

The most amusing part of the video is the Goldendoodle’s determination as he stretches his paws to reach the cookies, tail wagging.

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Multiple sweet snacks eventually fell to the floor, but Max wasn’t content. He continued hunting for more.

Google Nest’s Twitter account even responded to the adorable video, which has since earned hundreds of likes and 25,000 views.

“It’s hard to have *just* one,” Google Nest tweeted.

Herman’s follow-up tweets revealed that Max is no stranger to mischief.

“Max this morning,” Herman captioned a snapshot of Max resting in the family’s empty fireplace.

In another photo, the Goldendoodle stands on top of a dining room table.

Many amused viewers responded to the tweet with photos of their own dogs. Some mentioned the health risks chocolate can pose for our furry friends.

Thankfully, the type of cookie Max stole contains very little chocolate, and he seems to be faring well despite his naughty behavior.

If you own a dog, you likely know exactly how mischievous they can be!

What’s the strangest thing your furry friend has attempted to snack on?

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