Sneaky Squirrels Stash over 50 Pounds of Pine Cones Under Hood of Man's Car


It’s easy to forget to check that everything is running smoothly under the hood of your car if nothing appears to be wrong.

But after starting his car after a long winter, one Michigan man is reminding car owners that every once in a while, checking the engine in a good idea.

After leaving his car in storage over the winter, a Gaylord, Michigan, resident Kellen Moore popped the hood after driving to discover the sneaky surprise a few woodland creatures left for him.

While Moore was away, a squirrel, perhaps with the assistance of his squirrel friends, decided to use his car as their personal storage locker.

Stuffed into every nook and cranny around the car engine was more than 50 pounds of pine cones.

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When Moore had started the engine before discovering the pine cones, the heat from the engine caused them to expand.

Moore’s friend Gabe Awrey posted the unbelievable picture to Facebook, and although this sort of thing is common in the area, the sheer amount of pine cones stuffed under the hood is still surprising.

Literally every free space in that engine bay was FILLED. the heat from the engine opened all of these bad boys up too, [making] them lodged in some places [sic],” Awrey wrote in the comments.

“Remember to check your engine bays this time of year!” he wrote. “The squirrels are sneaky. This was my friends car today!”

It took Moore and Awrey nearly 45 minutes to clear out their lovely gift from the squirrels.

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But thankfully, the car still runs well despite the sneaky squirrels’ attempt to claim it as their permanent hiding place.

“Spending the night in my car, parked in the driveway tonight,” Moore joked in the comments. “I’m going to strangle that squirrel with my bare hands.”

The squirrel and his accomplices declined to comment on the matter without their lawyer present.

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