Soros-Funded Prosecutor Resigns After What She Said Law-Abiding Citizens Did to Her Office


Kim Gardner, the far-left, George Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney who has made a mockery of the legal system for six years, said she will resign in the coming weeks after people who actually care about public safety demanded transparency from her.

Gardner first assumed office in 2017 and has overseen a breakdown in basic law and order in America’s second most-deadly city.

Per Fox News, Soros “bankrolled” both her 2016 campaign and 2020 re-election bid.

She issued a grievance-laden letter on Thursday that outlined why she would leave early.

The beleaguered attorney also implied she was targeted by state officials and other law-abiding citizens because she is black.

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“Unfortunately, since the time I took office, as the first Black, female prosecutor in the State, people outside of the city have targeted me and, to advance their goals, have also targeted the fundamental rights of the city’s voters,” Gardner complained in a lengthy letter.

The far-left prosecutor added: “In recent days, for example, The Missouri State Legislature began hearings on a bill that appears to permanently remove the right of every St. Louis voter to elect the Circuit Attorney, the only remaining elected position in our city’s criminal justice system.

“Instead, that bill gives the Governor the power to appoint our city’s chief prosecutor. It is hard to think of a more direct or brutal assault on our democracy, one that mirrors the attacks in Jackson, Mississippi, and throughout Florida.”

Gardner’s tenure as the city’s prosecutor has been a disaster for the city’s citizens as her office has routinely refused to hold criminals accountable and in one case dropped the ball to such a degree it resulted in a teen girl losing both her legs.

Are you glad that Gardner resigned?

A 21-year-old man named Daniel Riley was accused of armed robbery in 2020 and was awaiting trial in February when he allegedly ran his car into a 17-year-old girl named Janae Edmondson.

Riley’s case robbery was dropped at one point when a witness in the case had died.

It later turned out that person was actually still alive, and so charges were again filed.

But even after the suspect reportedly violated the terms of his bond dozens of times, Gardner’s office never bothered to issue a warrant to have him arrested.

He was out of jail and driving without a license three months ago, which led to the tragedy, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

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Gardner is of course the same prosecutor who made headlines in 2020 when she weaponized her office against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who pointed firearms at a mob that was trespassing in their gated neighborhood during the nationwide Black Lives Matter riots.

She eventually drew the ire of state officials such as Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who vowed to remove her from office after Edmondson lost her legs.

In the end, law-abiding citizens everywhere were outraged.

In her letter, Gardner portrayed herself as the victim of a well-coordinated and political attack to strip her city’s citizens of their rights and ultimately undermine them.

“I have experienced attacks on my reforms, on my judgment, on my integrity, on my prosecutorial discretion, on my responsibility to direct the limited resources of this office and more,” she complained.

Gardner continued: “We have experienced an onslaught of records requests that no office in the country could reasonably fulfill, along with attacks on our hard-working fine attorneys designed to demoralize these public servants. There is no sign that the onslaught would stop for as long as I am in the office.

“I can absorb those attacks, and I have. But I can neither enable nor allow the outright disenfranchisement of the people of the City of St. Louis, nor can I allow the outsiders to effectively shut down our important work. If not for these two things, I would continue to fight tirelessly to maintain the job you selected me to serve.  Under my leadership and with your support, this office has made tremendous strides in redefining public safety.

“In reality, Gardner’s office was the bigest threat to public safety in the city a campaign to remove her ultimately proved successful.”

Her letter concluded, “And so, it is with a heavy heart but steadfast resolve that I am resigning my position as your Circuit Attorney, effective June 1st.”

Bailey is celebrating her decision to resign, but he said on Twitter Thursday that June 1 is not soon enough.

The state’s top law enforcement official tweeted:

St. Louis, a city plagued by violence, will be better off in her absence.

Wednesday, the day before she announced she would quit, a murder case her office took to court resulted in a mistrial.

After five years and 27 continuances, jurors found the evidence presented by her office to be “incomplete, inconclusive, and at times, incoherent,” KDSK-TV reported.

All victims of crime deserve justice and those in St. Louis were obviously not getting it from Gardner.

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