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State Trooper Writes 'Ticket' After Family Builds Lifelike Ford Mustang Made of Snow


Some people who deal with snow on a regular basis just want it off their streets and out of their way. The cold loses its charm quickly when it creates more work.

But other people have decided to use the conditions to their advantage, accessing their artistic sides and using the natural building material to create.

Jason Blundell and his family from Chadron, Nebraska, are those kinds of people. Originally, the imaginative dad said that the sculpting was just a way to get his teens together and outside.

“The start of that was to get my kids off their cellphones for a day,” Blundell told York News-Times. “Normally, we don’t do much with (the sculptures).”

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“We just take a couple pictures of them for ourselves. It just happened that our state trooper buddy came up to do a joke and it blew up.”

The group started by gathering as much snow from the surrounding area as they could.

Armed with a skid loader, shovels, squirt bottles, scrapers and a few other tools of the trade, the trio set to work creating a replica of the 1967 Ford Mustang GTA that they own.

Have you ever made a snow sculpture?

They even measured the original to make sure they got the dimensions just right, and five hours after starting, the results were certainly impressive.

Plenty of passersby have been wowed by the Blundells’ efforts, and the sculpture has genuinely fooled at least one person.

“We actually had somebody come by while we were building it and they thought we were burying somebody’s car,” the dad said.

Then Sgt. Mick Downing with the Nebraska State Patrol, who knows the family from church, heard about their unique installation and went to check it out. It was so convincing that he decided to stick it with a tow notice and post a video of the encounter.

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Of course, the notice wasn’t real and even if it had been, it wouldn’t have been justified. “If it would’ve been a real car, it was parked just fine,” Downing said.

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