Stepdad Takes Age 6 Daughter on 'First Date' So She Knows How She 'Deserves To Be Treated'


The day parents let their daughter go on her first date is nothing short of momentous. Surely they have questions: Will he be kind to her? Is he a gentleman? Will he break her heart?

But one stepdad is making sure his daughter knows exactly how she should be treated when the time comes for her to begin dating.

Although 6-year-old Sophie is still a few years away from going on her first date, her stepdad Andy Terry felt the timing was perfect after Sophie had a difficult day at school.

“Then on the Wednesday she was upset about something and having a moment so I asked her if she wanted to go on a date to cheer her up,” Andy explained.

Sophie was instantly over the moon with excitement, and immediately began preparing.

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“Sophie was so excited straight away. She took it all very seriously and planned her hair and her outfit and I ended up getting her new shoes to match,” her mom Haley said.

When the time came for their date the following afternoon, Andy showed up with a bouquet of flowers as Haley captured the beautiful moment on camera.

“Sophie was beaming. It was so lovely seeing her so happy as she came down the stairs. I will never forget that smile she had on her face,” Hayley continued.

From there, the daddy-daughter duo headed out for their night on the town. Andy treated Sophie to a three-course meal at a nearby Italian restaurant.

“I think every woman has regrets and times where she settled for less than she deserves. Hopefully if Sophie learns from a young age that she is worth more than that then she’ll never have those,” Haley added.

After their date, Sophie asked her stepdad if they could stop on the way home to bring back some chocolates for Haley.

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“It was really good bonding time for us. It was nice to be on our own and for me to really get to have a good conversation with her,” Andy said.

“I hope she learns from it how she deserves to be treated when she gets older and gets to that age where she is going on dates.”

What heartwarming idea! I think it’s safe to say Sophie will grow up knowing exactly how loved and deserving of love she is.

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