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Stray Dog Comforts Actor Pretending To Be Hurt: 'It Was a Very Emotional Moment'


There are many dogs who seem to speak human. They may not know entire languages, but they can read tone and body language — and some of those signs are universal.

If you saw a person lying on the ground, moaning, with their eyes closed, you’d probably guess the person was in pain.

And that’s just what Turkish actor Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy was trying to portray recently during an outdoor play: His character was gravely injured.

“The character I played was injured and in great pain,” he explained to The Dodo earlier this month. “He’d fallen off a horse, and was breathing hard.”

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The crowd watched as the scene progressed, but another creature was watching, too. A dog wandered in from the wings and saw Uzunsoy lying prostrate on the ground.

So it did what any concerned dog would do: It went up to him, wagging, and sniffed at him before snuggling in between his chin and chest.

“I felt warmth on my face,” Uzunsoy recalled. “First, I thought my costar was approaching me.”

“I was very happy when I felt the dog’s kisses,” he said. “I was very touched. He was like an angel who wanted to help me. It was a very emotional moment for me. I was not expecting it.”

Uzunsoy broke character, his pained expression giving way to a grin as castmates tried to pull the dog away. But the pup was insistent and kept leaning against Uzunsoy, wagging, as the crowd applauded.

“My castmates loved the dog, and the audience was very happy,” Uzunsoy said. “Everyone cheered.”

The dog was led off-scene, and eventually wandered away. It was a well-known stray in the area, but it had made a big impression with its own performance during the show.

Uzunsoy, touched by the pup’s devotion and care, has felt a draw to find it and give it a real home.

“The next day I went to the same place, looking for him,” he said. “People told me he usually hangs out there.

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“I went again today,” Uzunsoy added. “I’ll look for him until I find him. I’ve always loved animals.”

It’s not every day that an animal chooses us instead of the other way around. Hopefully Uzunsoy will find his faithful friend and be able to give it a forever home.

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