Stunning Border Footage Shows Texas National Guard Taking Matters Into Its Own Hands, Doing What Biden Won't


Members of the Texas National Guard and officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety were filmed physically repelling migrants from attempting to enter the U.S. illegally on Wednesday morning.

Hours before the expiration of a policy that allows border patrol agents to turn away the country’s invaders, people are amassing on the border in record numbers.

Former President Donald Trump invoked Title 42 of the Public Health Service Act of 1944 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Joe Biden will let it lapse Thursday and has sent 1,500 troops to the border to push papers and allow the country’s border communities to be overrun by people who have no claim to be there and will put a strain on public resources.

Presumably, these people will enter and then anchor themselves here through children who Democrats hope will vote for them for generations to come.

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That is the only logical reason for the decision to open a sovereign border — to import new voters to replace existing ones that are turning away from Democrats and their failed policies.

This country’s leaders are forcing people who live near the border to bear the brunt of the policy.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott intervened on behalf of his state’s citizens this week and his orders were seen in action online Wednesday.

Journalist Todd Bensman first posted a video of dozens of people being turned away near Brownsville by troops who were surrounded by razor wire.

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Bensman identified the authorities in his video as being with Texas DPS.

They held their ground and a number of people turned back and went across the Rio Grande River from which they came.

Some of them were with children, which adds another level of cruelty to Biden’s decision to encourage unlimited mass migration into the country.

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Adults are putting children in potential danger, which is nothing new.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, whose beat is the southern border, later shared Bensman’s video and reported the state’s DPS was there at the direction of Abbott.

“[Texas DPS] troopers and TX National Guard soldiers physically repelling/blocking migrants who are crossing the river illegally into Brownsville, TX,” Melugin reported. “They have also deployed razor wire via orders from [Abbott].”

Abbott later confirmed his state would take any action it could to mitigate the crisis.

“Great work by Texas National Guard and Texas DPS,” the governor tweeted. “Biden sent 1,500 troops to the border to do paperwork.

The governor concluded, “Texas deployed trained soldiers and troopers to take real action and respond to this crisis.”

Abbott is showing actual leadership to protect his state’s citizens while the White House undercuts their efforts.

If the Biden administration had any interest at all in controlling the country’s border, there would be thousands of troops on-site to turn away every person who tries to enter this country illegally.

That should be done until the message is clear: America is closed.

As of Wednesday, the term “crisis” no longer accurately describes the siege in places such as Brownsville or El Paso.

The country is no longer dealing with a crisis at the border.

Americans are now facing a catastrophe in their communities as their federal government has abandoned them.

The magnitude of the disaster is affecting places as far away as New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams wants migrants in his city shipped to the suburbs, The New York Times reported.

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