Each Super Bowl, Husband Builds Mini Stadium Replicas Filled to Brim with Party Food


It is upon us again – Super Bowl Sunday. After 50 years, the NFL title game has become something of an unofficial national holiday.

Some love to watch for the actual game while others have their seat on the couch to take in the ads. Some others look forward to the halftime spectacle.

And then there are those in it for the food. After all, what’s an American celebration without an overabundance of eating?

This is the crowd that Sean Aron runs with. The resident of Peoria celebrates the Super Bowl in a unique way: he builds “Snackadiums.”

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Aron has built Snackadiums for each of the past four Super Bowls. He started when his wife sent him a photo of a Snackadium someone else had built.

That first year, he made a likeness of the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. It must have been a success, because he’s been hooked ever since.

This year he’s been working for over a month to create the perfect food-based likeness of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota.

“There’ll be wings, there’ll be jalapeno hummus field. Chips, dips. I think this year we’re going to do a Caprese bar,” he said.

To fully understand this concept, you have to see it. See, Aron’s creations aren’t made out of food as much as they are made to hold food.

Consider it the greatest centerpiece dedicated to a football game that you have ever seen.

As you look over the detail, you have to wonder about not just the effort that goes into building it but also the logistics of the food placement.

How does he decide which foods are end-zone worthy and which ones get the placed in the cheap seats? And what about mixing?

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Do you put salty with sweet? Chips with dips? The possibilities boggle the mind.

While you might think he has a formula, in fact he doesn’t. He prefers to freestyle it, both for artistic expression and to keep his party guests guessing until they get to feast their eyes on the feast.

He’ll use a photo of the stadium he’s trying to mimic, but after that, it’s a creative free-for-all using repurposed items and tutorials for moving features.

So what does his future in culinary architecture hold? Aron told KPHO “I just like doing it. I don’t know when I’ll stop. Or if I will — but we’ll keep it going for as long as we can. And I enjoy doing it.”

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