Swimming Star Riley Gaines Barricaded, Hit By 'Man in Dress' After Trans Activists Storm Event


Former college swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted at an event at San Francisco State University Thursday in which she expressed her opposition to “trans women” competing in women’s sports.

As a guest of Turning Point USA at the school in the heart of liberal Northern California, Gaines addressed students before angry leftists did what leftists do best, which is to become incredibly violent.

I came across a video TPUSA posted on Twitter Thursday afternoon and expected fireworks.

One student attempted to destroy property because it belonged to people who did not share her false opinion that any man can put on lipstick and become a woman.

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I did not expect Gaines to be violently assaulted by a person who was, as her husband later put it, a “guy in a dress.”

She was slugged for the thought crime of believing women should not be diminished by a society that tells mentally ill men that their inability to accept themselves prioritizes them over women.

Gaines was attacked, according to a video she posted on Twitter and later statements from those close to her.

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She was also called everything but the 12-time All-American swimmer she was at the University of Kentucky.

WARNING: The following video contains language some viewers might find offensive.

The 22-year-old woman, who might be the bravest athlete in the country, was referred to as a “b***h” by people who held signs with predictable slogans such as “Trans women are women.”

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The swimmer’s agent, Eli Bremer, told Fox News Gaines was attacked and barricaded in a classroom.

“Tonight, Riley Gaines spoke at San Francisco State University to share her personal story of competing against a biological male athlete, Lia Thomas, at the Women’s NCAA Swimming Championships last year,” he said.

Bremer added, “Instead of a thoughtful discussion tonight at SFSU, Riley was violently accosted, shouted at, physically assaulted, and barricaded in a room by protestors.”

He concluded, “It is stunning that in America in 2023, it is acceptable for biological male students to violently assault a woman for standing up for women’s rights.”

Gaines’ husband Louis Barker also told the outlet his wife was struck by “a guy in a dress.”

“She told me she was hit multiple times by a guy in a dress,” he said. “I was shaking. It made me that mad. It makes me sick to feel so helpless about it. She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.”

Videos and posts from the student-led SFSU news outlet the Golden Gate Xpress showed how violent the gender activists became.

WARNING: The following videos contain language some viewers might find offensive.

At one point, protesters suggested making Gaines pay them to let her leave.

Thankfully, Gaines escaped without being seriously harmed after the hours-long detention as she was surrounded by more than 100 unhinged leftists.

Gaines’ message is one that needs to be heard by all. A lifetime of hard work was negated when she was forced to compete against a confused man named Lia Thomas who swam on a women’s team last year.

The results were predictable.

Her agent assured Fox News she will not waver in regard to sharing her voice in the future.

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