Teen Girl Runs to Grandpa & Hands Him Game Ball for Heartfelt Reason


Nicole Buch is not your average high school senior. She is a basketball super star and if you ask her how she became such a great player, she would give all the credit to one man.

Fairfield, Iowa, high school senior, Nicole, had spent hours in the gym with one man, her 92-year-old grandfather, Leonard Buch. She relied on his game-play advice.

For Nicole, the memories with her grandfather had been very special. For Leonard, the coaching had kept him young.

Either way, the relationship created a great player in Nicole.

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But one basketball game became more than winning or losing. On one special night, the game became a tribute to the man who Nicole credits her basketball success.

In an amazing battle, Nicole broke a school record for the most points in a career.

What she did to celebrate had less to do with her victory and more to do with the grandfather she loved.

As the crowd cheered her success, Nicole took the basketball from the record shot and headed to her grandfather in the stands.

“The whole moment really wasn’t about me it was about him,” she lovingly said.

In her shining moment, Nicole decided to turn the focus onto the man who had done so much for her, her coach, her grandfather. It was a selfless act of love and gratitude.

Grandpa was more than surprised. Nicole said that she wanted to thank the man who had supported her for years. The moment will be unforgettable for them both.

Leonard’s wish was to see his granddaughter graduate high school and to play basketball. But now he’ll have to make a new wish.

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Nicole plans to carry on this tradition as she moves forward and heads to Missouri Southern for college next year.

She’ll be taking Grandpa with her. His continued advice will make her the best player that she can be and will strengthen the bond that they already share.

Grandpa Leonard has fifteen grandchildren and Nicole said that he does so much for each of them. He couldn’t be more proud of his granddaughter.

“And now I’m going to live to see her play college ball and she’ll be all right.”

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