Teen Says She Went Into Walgreens for a Flu Shot, She Walked Out with a Sick Surprise


When Savannah Courtad walked into her local Walgreens only a few days ago, she simply wanted a standard flu shot.

After arriving early and filling out the necessary paperwork, a nurse approached Savannah and asked which arm she would like it in.

Then, the nurse made one little comment that immediately told Savannah something had gone terribly wrong.

“She gave me the shot and as I was leaving told me to come back for my 2nd dose in 21 days,” Savannah wrote in an Instagram post on Friday.

Savannah hadn’t been given the flu shot. It was the COVID-19 vaccine.

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“I quickly rushed to the counter,” Savannah wrote. “The lady at the counter reassured me saying that I definitely received the flu shot, I was probably just given the wrong card. She talked to the nurse that gave me the shot and confirmed that no the card was not wrong.”

“I was given the COVID-19 vaccine instead.”

Should the nurse be held responsible for her reported mistake?

This isn’t a story about some crazed anti-vaxxer — Savannah said she was at Walgreens to get her flu vaccine. Like many Americans, she felt uncomfortable receiving the COVID-19 injection.

Once she did receive it, allegedly against her will, the staff didn’t have much to offer in terms of apologies.

“They proceeded to say ‘sorry we are super busy’, ‘things like this happen sometimes’, and kept repeating ‘we all make mistakes,'” Savannah wrote.

“I appreciate the fact that they at least apologized, but this is more than just a ‘little’ mistake!”

“Nurses can’t just go around injecting people with the wrong shot. I never gave consent for the COVID-19 vaccine to be injected into my body. Regardless of one’s position on this vaccine I would hope that we can all agree that having something injected into your body should be your CHOICE.”

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Savannah’s story begs the question: How many Americans have been placed in this same predicament?

How many people, hesitant to receive the vaccine for personal reasons, were given a dose without their consent?

This is quite possibly the worst nightmare for anyone who does not want the COVID vaccine. What if it was someone who could not receive a dose for medical or religious reasons?

Even more important than any of that is this: If the vaccine-mandating left gets its way, Savannah’s story won’t be an uncommon one.

In fact, if the left gets its way, everyone will be getting a COVID-19 vaccine dose whether they like it or not.

And, unlike in Savannah’s story, it won’t be an accident.

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