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Teen Walking Through Parking Lot Drops Everything To Show Respect as National Anthem Plays


Plenty of people are very good at curating their image, both online and in person, to make sure that people only see their best moments and most flattering side, but then become completely different people when they’re on their own.

But when someone is just as respectful or kind when they think no one is watching as they are in public, that’s when you know you’ve found a genuinely good-natured soul.

One teacher at a school in North Carolina captured a very special moment of a young man showing respect for his nation when he thought he was alone. She snapped a quick picture and went to Facebook.

“So proud of this South Davidson student,” Angie Gallimore posted on Sept. 27. “He was alone in the parking lot and heard the National Anthem being played at the softball game.”

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“He was headed to football practice. He stopped and placed his hand over his heart. There is still hope for this world.”

One woman commented on the post, tagging the young man’s mother, who then commented on the post to thank Gallimore.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for sharing and acknowledging My Jacob!” Lauren Pope wrote. “I can’t thank you enough!! I am both humbled and proud of him!!”

This wasn’t Gallimore’s first interaction with the young man. She’d been his teacher when he was younger, and had nothing but praise for Jacob Pope.

“I had him in middle school,” she replied to a comment on her own post. “Him and Shane Porter were the most respectful students I have ever had. Jacob was witnessing for Christ in the 6th grade.”

Speaking to WGHP, Lauren reiterated how proud she — and the community — were when they saw the teacher’s post.

“She wanted to point out how, what a proud moment and how special he was for doing something like that when no one was looking,” Lauren said.

“Our community, the school has just, it makes me tear up quite often just reading some of the positive things people have said about his character,” Jacob’s parents told WGHP. “Character is what you do when no one is looking. He defines that.”

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As for the football player himself, he believes his actions were nothing special and he’s been surprised by all the attention the post has received.

“No one was there,” he said. “I just stopped because it was the right thing to do.

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